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“Here is where the magic happens: where we dare to shine and share ourselves openly with others, learning to live fearlessly and in joy every day.”

The growing large international family that makes the volunteer community at Shambala is one of the most enjoyable parts of our project.

In joining our community you will enter a well-structured weekly schedule where you can offer your services. You will also be part of transformative training that will bring you tools to live openly and consciously also after you have left the Shambala grounds.

In exchange for your support, our inspiration is to share the tools that we have gathered throughout our years in the path of personal development with you, so you can make a difference in the world with a wider, more awake heart.

Being a karma yogi at Shambala can be one of the most life changing experiences of your life. To connect to a group with the heart purpose of bringing joy to others is an unparalleled experience that is likely to bring you insights for the rest of your life.

It can be easy as child play at times and at other times it can be more challenging. For this reason we are specially welcoming those that have a relative emotional balance, physical stamina and overall health.

“Fasten your seat belt!
Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to make friends for life and have an unforgettable experience with us.”


Shambala is a small, beautiful centre with the biggest heart possible. Even though we hold courses throughout the entire year, the community at Shambala only resides at the centre during the summers.

Every year there is an opportunity for a group of 9 full-time Karma yogis or volunteers to join our community during the three months of summer. We also have a space for 2 part-time volunteers each summer week. We also have the possibility for full timers to join us for one or two months, depending on availability. 

During the summer months we are mostly fully booked and host up to about 50 guests and teachers at a time. Therefore we need your help to run these retreats smoothly!

Shambala divides its community between “core staff”, “full-time volunteers” and “part-time volunteers”.

The core staff fulfils roles such as management, kitchen leadership and administration, they are remunerated financially and they typically have longer working hours and higher responsibilities than the volunteer team.

Then there is our wonderful and colourful team of volunteers. The tasks vary depending on the role. But no matter what task is taken, each volunteer forms equal part of the community of Shambala.

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*Full-time volunteers:

For full-time volunteers, we ask for 30 hours/week of volunteering with one day off per week
(5 hours of community work per day, approximately).

Being a full-time volunteer at Shambala is free of charge.

We strongly encourage and prioritise those that wish to come for the entire season.
Therefore, firstly we will offer the positions to those that can stay for 3 months with us.
After that, the remaining roles will be offered to those that can stay with us for either
SLOT 1, SLOT 2 or SLOT 3:

* Slot 1 : 27th May to 27th June 2018
* Slot 2: 27th June to 27th July 2018
* Slot 3: 27th July to 29th August 2018

*Part-time volunteers:

For part-time volunteers, we ask for 15 hours/week of volunteering, one day off per week.
(2,5 hours per day, approximately).

Being a part-time volunteer has a cost of 300kr per day.

The minimum amount of time that can be spent at Shambala as a part-timer is of one week. Maximum 2 weeks. We prioritise those that can stay for the full 2 weeks duration.
Part-time volunteers are usually involved in cleaning and beautifying. 


Full-Time Kitchen Assistants

This year we have three openings for full time kitchen assistants also known as our “Kitchen superstars!”.

These three lucky individuals will receive a training from Jenny Janaki Solberg, our wonderful Shambala Chef on how to cook delicious vegan meals and lead a conscious kitchen.


You will learn:

* Many different unique and delicious Vegan recipes from delicious Ayurvedic dishes, to unique salads using wild greens from the land, inventive spreads, healthy teas and impressive bread and desserts!

* How to lead a small kitchen team of 3 following Yogic principles and conscious values.

* Increased understanding of how cooking can be a relaxing and nourishing activity, with tools to incorporate a mindful cooking attitude.

This is a great opportunity for those that have a background and strong interest in cooking and wish to take their knowledge to the next level !

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Half-Time Kitchen Assistants & General Crew

This role is for 4 people that love cooking, but who also want to be part of other duties with the rest of the community.

Half the day they will assist our Chef and Full Time Kitchen Assistants in preparing nourishing food for our guests and community. The rest of the time, they will join the rest of our vibrant community with other general roles such as cleaning, assisting the gardener and handy man, laundry, beautifying and driving guests and teachers to and from the station.

Within this section, we are looking for the following:

1 x Half- time Kitchen Assistant + General Helper –
Do you love having a wide variety of duties?
Do have a more than basic knowledge of cooking?

1 x Half-time Kitchen Assistant + Helper to the Gardener & Handy Man –
Do you love being outdoors?
Do have a more than basic knowledge of cooking?
Do you enjoy gardening?

1 x Half-time Kitchen Assistant + Beautifier –
Do you have an eye for detail?
Do you have any creative skills such as decorating, painting, etc?
Do you like to create homely, beautiful looking environments?

1 x Half-time Kitchen Assistant + driver –
Are you sociable?
Do you have a European driving license?


Outdoor Helpers

Handy Man + General Helper:

We are looking for one person who is good at and likes to maintain the buildings, painting, doing small carpentering jobs, arranging wood for the sauna, taking care of the composts etc. When there is no Handy Man work, this person will be available for helping with general cleaning duties. Please note that, despite of the title, this role is open to any gender with the right abilities. 

Gardener + General Helper:

There is an opening for someone that loves gardening and wants to develop their skills on taking care of a simple, small size organic garden. Under the supervision of our garden mentor Törbjörn, our volunteer gardener will keep the overview of our small garden and do some maintenance work on it. Perfect if you like being outdoors, manage your own time and like your own space.

This person will also be expected to join the community on other general roles such as cleaning and taking care of guests on those days when there is little gardening job to do.


“Together” Training 2018

“We are passionate about leading people to live
more fulfilling, awakened lives.”

An awakened life for us is one full of meaning, connected to a greater purpose, deeply rooted in healthy values and lived fearlessly by sharing our gifts to the world. An awakened life for us is also one that is shared with others in an intimate and open way.

What started as a shy attempt to support our team living in harmony with each other, it is now slowly becoming a comprehensive program where community members receive tools and teachings that we hope will support their lifes in and outside of the Shambala grounds.


The “Together Training” in 2018 will cover the following subjects:


* Living from an Open Heart-
Following from last year’s topic, we will deepen our understanding of the difference between living from fear and living from love.

* Conscious Communication-
We will remember, deepen and practice the tools that we learned last year in speaking non-violently and listening actively.

* How to develop a regular meditation practice-
At the start of the season, we will guide you and give you tools to develop a regular meditation practice or deepen the one that you already have.

* How to have a healthy dialogue with your emotions-
We will share tools to empower ourselves by decoding the message that our emotions are trying to deliver to us.

* Conscious Intimacy-
We will discuss the topic of conscious intimacy and explore the different ways in which we can connect with one another at the same time as we build empathy and integrity.

* Gentle stepping into your inner shadow-
We will be guided to deepen our understanding of our inner shadow and explore it in a context of safety and support.

* Tapping into your own creative well-
Before you leave the season, we will guide you and encourage you to tap into your creative potential and define that which you long to bring into the world once the Shambala season is over.


These offerings will be shared in the form of mini workshops.
Other than this, we will be holding sharing circles, educational cinema evenings and one Woman Circle parallel to a Male Circle. 

For those that have been with us before and have already experienced some of our workshops, know that subjects deepen over time. You will have an opportunity to practice what you know as well as widening your knowledge of each subject every summer.

In addition to the “Together Training”, we offer the following benefits to our volunteers:

* Delicious vegan food 3 times per day
* Shared accommodation
* Access to at least 3 yoga classes per week
* Organised gatherings with the community to the forest, spa and other outings.
* 1 day off per week
* 3 consecutive days of holiday in addition to the weekly days off ( for those that stay for the whole season only)


Please note that Shambala is a peaceful space of conscious relating. We have group chanting evenings but there are no late nights and no parties.  There is a silent period between 22h at night and 9.30h in the morning. Breakfasts are had in silence. There is a no-tolerance policy towards alcohol, smoking or any other form of drugs.

All volunteers will stay either in a Soulpad bell canvas tent with heater, light and a built-in bed or in a wooden country house with two rooms. Each room has 4 beds (depending on preference). The dorm is simple but quiet and away from the crowd. Toilets and showers are shared with guests in a separate building.

Grace period: Sometime life happens, or things don’t work out as we wish. For this we have a grace period of ten days for both full-time volunteers and Shambala to feel each other out.


To apply please send us an email to
If you are new, please describe your background in yoga, cooking and community living.

If you are applying for a full time position, please let us know which of the roles you feel you would fit best:

*  Full time Kitchen Assistant

Half Time Kitchen Assistant + General Helper

Half Time Kitchen Assistant + Helper to Gardener and Handy Man

Half Time Kitchen Assistant + Beautifier / Artist

Half Time Kitchen Assistant + Driver

Handy Person + General Helper

Gardener + General Helper

Upon receipt of your application, you will be asked to fill in a small questionnaire.
For new applicants and those that will be joining the kitchen full time, please expect a friendly Skype conversation with Jenny, the Shambala Chef and/or Melissa and Johan (co-owners of Shambala) before receiving a confirmation from us.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at Shambala !


Welcome to join Shambala Gatherings, a yoga community in the Swedish forest.
Living a life of fullness with the ones called to explore themselves through yoga, meditation, nature and self-knowledge.