Shambala Treatments give you the opportunity to relax even further, connect to your ground nature and heal holistically. Shambala staff, and other invited guest therapists are passionate about their bodywork practices and have had a deep commitment to them for many years. Please remember that sessions book quickly, so please ensure you book in advance. Please take a read at our offer below.

with Carin
(1st May to 13th Oct)

Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle treatment that is guided from your body, how it is, behaves and feels today. We are all unique and therefore the treatment is adapted to your needs. With soft yoga-inspired stretches and pressure along the body’s energy lines and acupuncture points the aim is to soften the body to open up for energy to flow more easily and any blockages to release. Tensions manifest themselves more in certain places in the body, however, they can originate in either a physical or emotional blockage in a completely different place.

Therefore, Thai Yoga Massage works with the whole body, from toes and feet up to the head, alternating between static pressures and more dynamic stretches and movements. The theory is that when the body goes into deep relaxation, it finds its own ability to release tensions and blockages both physically and energetically. It is not uncommon to feel both relaxed and full of energy after a treatment. Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient tradition with roots in Buddhism that intertwines massage, meditation and yoga. It is sometimes called to be like a dance between donor and recipient, as meditation in motion or jokingly for “yoga for lazy people” as it is someone else who helps your body to stretch.

The treatment takes place fully clothed on a soft mattress on the floor, so please come in soft comfortable clothes

Carin is a certified Thai Yoga masseur within The Sunshine Network, with studies in Bali, Thailand, Spain and Greece. Her approach is soft, gentle and allows for each body’s uniqueness.

Cost: 750kr / 900kr

Duration: 1 hour / 1,5 hours

with Alexandra
(1st May to 13th Oct)

Natal Chart Reading: The natal chart is a photograph of the heavens at the exact moment of your birth. It provides you with the tools to navigate life with ease. It shows you where your potential and challenges lie, and how to use them for personal and spiritual development.
During a natal chart reading, we will be diving deep into your psyche, uncovering your gifts, your main personality traits, the elemental energies surrounding you, and so much more!

Solar Return Reading: The solar return is the chart that is generated on your birthday. It gives you a taste of the year ahead. It provides you with answers regarding your goals and helps you understand the energies that are surrounding you. It is recommended (but not compulsory) that you are already familiar with your natal chart, as we will be looking at both during the session.

Specific Question Reading: Do you have a burning question? During this reading, we will look and analyse one specific point in your natal chart, depending on your question.

The natal chart covers everything, from personality traits to career; from family to love; from challenges to gifts and purpose. We can also explore a specific placement, sign, planet, aspect or transit that calls to you.

*Please note that you need to know your EXACT TIME OF BIRTH for an accurate reading, as charts are generated based on date, time and place of birth.*
*You will receive an electronic copy of your chart at the end of the session and I highly recommend that you record our conversation.

Cost & Duration:

Natal Chart 950kr / 90 min
Solar Return Reading 750kr/60min
Specific Question Reading 400kr/30-40min