Shambala Treatments give you the opportunity to relax even further, connect to your ground nature and heal holistically. Shambala staff, and other invited guest therapists are passionate about their bodywork practices and have had a deep commitment to them for many years. Please remember that sessions book quickly, so please ensure you book in advance. Please take a read at our offer below.

with Louise Enell
(1st January to 1st March)


The treatment is gentle and suitable for everyone, but especially people with any type of swelling, scar tissue, inflammatory pain, numbness and/or fatigue symptoms.

Lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system to efficiently remove excess fluid and waste products from the body, which facilitates the immune system and balances the body.

The lymphatic massage usually consists of stroking, deep breathing and light pressure in the direction of the lymph flow. Sometimes a deeper grip is also given to dissolve blockages and fibrosis.

After the treatment, you will receive advice on a self-care routine that will help you keep the lymph flow going between treatments.

Cost: 1 295kr

Duration: 90 min



My facial massage is a combination of Tibetan, Japanese and Ayurvedic massage techniques as well as facial reflexology with chakra balancing. The facial massage treats both skin, connective tissue and the muscles of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. The face becomes wonderfully relaxed and the cheeks rosy when the blood and lymph circulation gets started.

The facial massage can

  • give the skin a healthier glow as blood circulation and oxygenation increase
  • repair and balance the condition of the skin
  • improve the lymphatic flow that removes waste products and toxins
  • dissolve muscle tension and prevent the appearance of new ones
  • stimulate and create balance in the nervous system
  • provide deep relaxation as well as renewed energy
  • contribute to preventing and improving loose skin and fine lines as the facial muscles are strengthened.

Cost: 995kr

Duration: 70 min

with Morten Lund
(1st January to 1st May)

I release stress and tension in body and mind through presence, insight and love for your inner truth. 
  • Stress release
  • Inner child work
  • Let go of conditioning
  • Heart opening
  • Balancing heart chakra
Stress has roots all the way back to your childhood, where you unconsciously used certain adaptation strategies to get the attention and recognition you needed as a child. These strategies made you hide certain aspects of yourself away. In other words, there were sides of yourself you didn’t want to accept. At the same time, you had the experience that you had to be in a certain way in order to be accepted by those closest to you. You gained an understanding that acceptance and recognition was something that came from the outside under certain conditions. In your adult life, this understanding can cause you – in your craving for recognition from the outside – to end up in stress.
In the massage therapy, we will naturally address your own spaciousness and acceptance of yourself. 
For the session you might have an affirmation that you can actively use in your inner work during the massage. 
In its expression, the massage will be gentle and spacious with your heart chakra in focus. 
For more information and bookings you can find Morten around Shambala or WhatsApp him on +4540478721

Cost: Donation based by paying forward. To give is one of the most profound ways of showing love. The previous client at Morten has given you a free session. You have a precious possibility to give the next client a free session at Morten by donating the amount, that feels right for you.

Duration: 90 min

with Tiago Araújo
(1st January to 1st March)

Through an altered state of consciousness, the Medium will link to the healers in the Spiritual World and act as a channel for the healing energies to flow to the receiver.

You may experience alignment with your soul purpose, enhanced intuitive abilities, heightened awareness, and a sense of lightness, ease, and flow. You leave feeling relaxed and heart-centered.

Tiago Araújo is an intuitive healer whose synergy comes from various modalities of energy healing. He is a channel for divine connection that emanates from the center of the heart, the place of unconditional love and divine light.

Virtual sessions are also available.

Cost: 777kr

Duration: 60 min

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