We have different career options for you to chose from. Our volunteers often become members of staff and they typically fulfil different roles throughout the years, getting an all round experience on what it is like to co-run a retreat centre with us. 


All our staff positions below are paid. You will receive more information upon receiving your application. 

We divide the high season into two slots: from mid April to mid August and from mid August to mid October.
Please get in touch with us below and apply for one of the roles and one of the slots, sending a letter of motivation and your employment history. We look forward to co-creating magic with you this summer! 

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Please click here.

High Season Retreat Manager

We are looking for an efficient retreat manager that has the heart in the right place and also loves to be organised and efficient.

The retreat manager oversees the entire operation. Typically involved in making sure that teachers and guests are happy, as well taking care of small details that happen on a regular basis. You can expect to be at reception to receive our guests, meet with teachers before and after retreats, ensure that transportation from and to the station is covered, and that small maintenance jobs are covered in the premises. 

You will be supported in this role by the volunteer leader and will be guided regularly by the two co-owners of Shambala Gatherings online and onsite.



High Season Volunteer Leader

We are looking for a community enthusiast that loves leading people to live more fulfilling lives. The volunteer leader at Shambala is an essential part of our community. This role creates the volunteer schedule, ensures that the volunteer team is well trained in their tasks and motivates the team through sharing circles, social meetings and yoga classes. 

This role is ideal for those that love to lead groups, of high stamina, that get energised by being with others and can communicate kindly and effectively. You will be trained in basic psychology and will be given tools in community leadership.

You will be supported in this role by the manager and guided regularly by the two co-owners of Shambala Gatherings online and onsite.

High Season Kitchen Leader

We are looking for food lovers to run our kitchen as the Kitchen Leader. This role is ideal for someone who has experience in running retreat kitchens before, who has ample vegan recipes and is accustomed to work under pressure. 

We prioritise highly creative individuals who can create good vibes in the kitchen; leaders that lead from the heart. This role takes the kitchen apprentice under its wing. The apprentice is an experienced cook that takes an internship at Shambala to learn how to apply their cooking skills onto a professional environment. The Kitchen Leader will train and supervise the kitchen apprentice and in turn will receive extra support from this role. 

You can expect to run the kitchen with the apprentice and 4 other full-time kitchen staff. You will be train and guided by the two co-owners of Shambala Gatherings both online and onsite.