(Terms & Conditions)


High Season
-Mid April to Mid October-

Always with catering and all our services.
You can chose between booking the large sala (min of 15 bookings), the small sala (min of 10 bookings) or the entire center (min of 25 bookings).

Low Season
-Mid October to mid April-

You can book our center with or without catering and services.
You can chose between booking the large sala (min of 10 bookings), the small sala (min of 7 bookings) or the entire center (min of 15 bookings).


Shakti Hall (large yoga sala):

  • Capacity when renting the whole centre: beds for 33 yoga mats / 48 seated spaces + teacher hut + teacher studio
  • Capacity when sharing with a parallel retreat: 30 guest beds + 1 teacher hut
  • Size: 100 sqm.
  • Props: 30 mats, 27 bolsters, 30 cushions, 32 blocks,13 blankets, 19 straps, 50 chairs

Buddha Hall (small yoga sala): 

  • Capacity when sharing with a parallel retreat: 15 yoga mats / meditation spaces + teacher studio
  • Size: 50 sqm.
  • Props: 15 mats, 15 bolsters, 15 cushions, 15 blocks, 15 blankets, 25 chairs


HIGH SEASON (mid April to mid Oct)

– Guest Accommodation: 

  • 9 x twin bedrooms
  • 5 x triple bedrooms
  • 1 x large 4-bed room
  • 3 x Soulpad Glamping tents with bed, electricity and heating (double bed)
  • 5 tenting spaces (guests bring their own tent)

Total guest capacity high season : 45 – 48 guests

– Teacher accommodation:

  • 1 x separate teacher “Shanti hut” (double bed)
  • 1 x teacher studio (twin bed)

PLEASE NOTE: That all guest and teacher accommodation have a shared bathroom and showers inside our main vandrarhem building. We have 7 shared toilets and 4 shared showers.

LOW SEASON (mid Oct to mid April)

– Guest Accommodation:

  • 9 x twin bedrooms
  • 5 x triple bedrooms
  • 1 x large 4-bed room

Total capacity low season : 37 guests

– Teacher Accommodation:

  • 1 x separate teacher “Shanti hut” (double bed)
  • 1 x separate teacher “Nature hut” (double bed)


  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dining room for up to 33 people (please let us know if you require more indoor sitting area)
  • Deck with outdoor tables and large sitting area overlooking the lake
  • Library
  • Lounge area


We offer one daily sauna free of charge. We have a wooden sauna floating on our lake, next to the yoga sala. Any extra sauna is charged at 500 sek + vat per sauna. 

There is no sauna after 22h.



Our delicious and abundant food buffet is vegan and gluten-free (please note that some traces of gluten may be found in our kitchen), with mainly organic ingredients.

We are passionate to provide food that is delicious to eat, look at and feel. We ask our teachers to make any food request ahead of time.

Should you require some extra snacks, we happily provide them for an extra 50kr + 12% vat per person per day (fruit, nuts and seeds, peanut butter with crackers and chocolate)

The meal serving times are:

– 9am: Breakfast
– 1.30pm: Lunch
– 7pm: Dinner

Enjoy one of our food stories below, where Nicolina, a yoga teacher, shares her experience of eating at Shambala.

For more food stories, please check our Youtube channel.


With Catering and Services (all year around)

* Twin Room: 1150kr + 12% vat
* Triple / 4-bed room: 1050kr + 12% vat
* Own tent: 800kr + 12% vat
* Soulpad Glamping tent: 1400kr + 12% vat (high season only)
  Second partner if the Soulpad is shared: 740 + 12% moms
* Single Room: 1500kr + 12%vat (high season only)

Our all inclusive prices are per person, per night and include:

* Access to one of the yoga salas, or the whole center
* 3 abundant buffet meals per day
* 1 sauna per day
* 1 bonfire per day
* Use of all common spaces
* Use of yurt space if needed
(please specify ahead of time, high season only)
* Hosting and cleaning services
* Guests pick up and drop offs

Without Catering or Services (mid October to mid April only)

All room types: 780kr + 12% per person, per night

This price includes:

* Access to the whole centre
* Use of 2 yoga salas
* 1 sauna per day

During the low season, we ask for a 2000kr + 25% vat cleaning fee per retreat.

Teacher Concessions 

1-15 paying guests = 1 teacher free
16-25 paying guests = 2 teachers free
26-35 paying guests = 3 teachers free

Any other member of the team is charged half price.


0-6 years old – free
7-13 years old – 320kr + 12% vat, per child
14-18 years old – 500kr + 12% vat, per child

*Are you an NGO that needs an extra discounted price for your group? We would love to support you. Please enquire with us regarding our non-profit prices.

*Please note that VAT will also be charged to international teachers. By law, if a service is given on Swedish soil, VAT will be applied, regardless of whether the teacher is billing internationally or not.

* If a teacher gives treatments during their retreat,  it is free of charge. We have massage benches onsite.

* When calculating the final retreat price, we advice our teachers to add no more than 1000kr inc vat for their teacher fee per person, per night. We find that this is the max that our customers are prepared to pay. For trainings (with certification) or retreats with more than 2 teachers, this amount can go up to a total of 1500kr per night inc vat. This is an advice from Shambala to our teachers, but ultimately teachers are of course free to charge whatever they feel their following can pay.  


KIRTAN – High Season only-
(1500kr + 25% vat)

Johan Svanborg leads kirtan (group chanting of Sanskrit mantras) regularly at Shambala for free when he is on site. However, if you wish to guarantee this service in your retreat and book Johan in advance, we ask for a small surcharge to honor his time. Please get in touch with us if you want to make sure your group receives this beautiful sharing.

RE-WILDING – High Season only
(650kr + 25% vat per person)

Your retreat guests can take the chance to go on a 4-5 hour walk and guided excursion with Wild Sweden, to connect to the forest and the animals in the purest way. There will be a chance to learn about our wild life, sit by the campfire, jump in the lake, do some journaling and walk in silence.

We are happy to offer treatments for your guests.

Admin Kit
(1900kr + 25% vat)

For this small surcharge, we can take care of all your bookings:
– Taking bookings via our e-commerce website
– Invoice customers individually
– Send customers an information welcome email
– All customer service questions
– Make note of their pick up timings from the train station
– Make note of their food allergies ahead of time

(High season only)

Even though we have some members of staff, our team is made largely by volunteers. One way in which we honor their help is by offering the possibility to participate in some of the classes during their spare time.

For this reason, in order to host an event at Shambala Gatherings, we ask the teacher to open one class per day to the community (volunteer team).

You can expect a max of 4 volunteers in the Shakti Hall and a max of 2 volunteers in the Budha Hall per class (unless the space is full with your own guests). Please let us know in advance if this is a problem for you.

Our customers are invited to support our volunteer community through the simple seva (selfless action) of cleaning their own dishes. This simple but helpful act, brings the “serving” and the “served” together as one united community, and is an act of gratitude and generosity towards our volunteer team. Thank you.


  1. Please click on this link for an updated look at our available dates.
  2. To host a retreat at Shambala Gatherings, we require the following minimum numbers per night.* High Season Shakti Hall : 15 bookings
    * High Season Budha Hall : 10 bookings
    * High Season Whole Center : 25 bookings
    * Low season Whole Center : 15 bookingsPlease be conservative when asking for low or high season, large or small sala. Minimum numbers cannot be lowered once the contract has been signed.

    Should you have less bookings than the minimum number, we can still go ahead with your retreat, so long as the minimum number of guests is paid for.

  3. To confirm your booking you will be requested to pay a deposit of 20% of the minimum number for your retreat. This deposit will be 100% returned if the booking is cancelled more than 5 months in advance. If the retreat is canceled less than 5 months in advance, it is nonrefundable.
  4. We will ask for a fee of 500kr + 25% vat in order to publish your event on our website. This is HIGHLY recommended. If your event is on our site, you will benefit free of charge from the general social media marketing that Shambala does regularly. You will also be included in our newsletters.
  5. You will receive an invoice from us after the retreat has ended, with a 10-day due date.


– Guests Check-in & Check-out Times:

Check-in: 3.00 pm to 5:00pm
Check-out: 3pm

Teachers are welcomed to arrive at 1pm on the check-in day, to go through some practical details with our managers before guests arrive, and have a simple snack with our community at 2pm. 

Please inform us of your arrival time 48 hours before arrival.

– Welcome Talk:
Please allow for us to make a 5 minute welcome & information talk on the first group session of your retreat.

– Silence & silent breakfast:
Shambala is silent between 22h and 10h, and we aim at having our breakfasts in silence. It is a sacred moment for us to catch our breaths and be in stillness before the dynamism of the day starts. Please let us know in advance if this would be a problem for you.

– Ceremonial Fires:
We are happy to arrange for a ceremonial fire for you in our sweat-lodge area. We ask you to please be mindful and to not leave these fires unattended at any time. Please let us know in advance if you wish to have this service.

– Forward Travel:
Please note that we don’t take responsibility for the arrangement of the forward travel of any of the guests or teachers.

– Sheets:
In an effort to being as ecological as possible, we ask guests to bring their own sheets. This is a normal custom in Swedish hostels. Customers can rent sheets and towels from us for 200kr inclusive of tax. Teachers will receive sheets and towels from us free of charge.

– Laundry:
We provide laundry services if your retreat is 10 days or more in duration for 100kr per bag including vat.

– Printer:
Our printer is not available for public use. We ask teachers to please print all manuals and hand-outs before your arrival.

– Sound Levels:
We are located in nature, surrounded by forest, but we do have one neighbour. We ask our teachers to keep music within a limited decibel range. If you have planned a dance gathering or any loud events as part of your retreat, please let us know in advance. Shambala applies silence after 22h.

– Guest Cancellation Policy:
You are welcome to have your own cancellation policy for your guests. If you would like to book the admin kit and take bookings via our website, then the Shambala guest cancellation policy applies.

Please contact us if you wish to have a 15min “discovery call” with us, where we explain our terms and conditions to you.

Thank you for booking with Shambala Gatherings!