(High season: 25th April to 13th October 2022)

The growing international family that makes up the volunteer community at Shambala is one of the most enjoyable parts of our project.

Being a karma yogi (volunteer) at Shambala can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life, and is what really creates the backdrop for all of our services. To come together in community and offer selfless service, to give space for others to grow, to be held, to do what is needed to serve and hold space.

At times it is easy as child play and at other times it can be more challenging. For this reason we are specially welcoming those that have a relative emotional balance, physical stamina and overall health. We are looking for volunteers from all walks of life, different ages and backgrounds, though we’re asking for a minimum of 22 years old to apply as a volunteer.

Shambala’s community includes a plethora of roles as paid staff, kitchen apprentice, full-time and part-time volunteers.

Full-time volunteers engage in service for about 30 hours per week (roughly 5 hours per day with one day off per week). After a 3-day introductory group training, everyone enters a well-structured weekly schedule. Time slots and prices below

Part-time volunteers come for a 3 week period and serve about 15 hours per week (2,5 hours per day with one day off per week). They receive a shorter introductory training the day after arrival. Time slots and prices below

Our kitchen apprentice is a full-time volunteer role that is free of charge and is the main support of our kitchen leaders. They receive an education from our kitchen leaders and are typically people that wish to work in kitchens professionally. They take 1,5 days off per week.

The staff fullfils roles such as management, community- and kitchen leadership. They typically have longer working hours and higher responsibilities than the volunteer team and are remunerated.

We kindly ask our team to join in the community trainings, sharings and other activities aimed to allow an easy flow of living together at Shambala. Additionally everyone is welcome to join in yoga classes offered by both staff and retreat leaders (access to specific retreats depend on the agreement made with the teacher and space availability), and also evening activities such as sauna, group chanting and cinema nights.

At Shambala we are fully empowering the loving-kindness connection in our community, sharing love from the heart to one and all. At the same time we are inviting you to abstain from entering a new romantic relationship whilst at Shambala. Our intention is to create a loving field that includes everyone and to protect the emotional stability of the group during our time together. The purpose of this abstention is also to harness all that energy that normally goes into sexuality and romantic pursuit and channel it towards the pursuit of creativity and self-knowledge.

Accommodation is in Soulpad tents with a bed, bedding, electricity and heating, or in our dorm house, 4-5 beds. The Kitchen Leader and kitchen apprentice stay in separate caravans.

Please apply for one of the full time roles below:


On your application, please chose only one of the full-time volunteer slots and roles below:

Slot 1: 

Fully booked

Arrival: 25th April
Departure: 6th July
Duration: 10,5 weeks
Total cost: 4700kr

Slot 2: 

Arrival: 3rd July
Departure: 31st Aug
Duration: 8,5 weeks
Total cost: 3800 kr

Slot 3: 

Arrival: 28th Aug
Departure: 13th Oct
Duration: 6,5 weeks
Total cost: 2700 kr

Kitchen Apprentice – fully booked

We have one opening for a kitchen apprentice, who will be the right hand person to our chefs.

If you are passionate about cooking, already have some valuable skills in the kitchen, and wish learn the ropes of working in a professional kitchen, this is perfect for you.

* Taking on this role is FREE of charge.
* You will enjoy 1,5 days off per week.
* Accommodation is in your own cozy van with its own heating and electricity.

Full-Time Kitchen Volunteer

In this role, you will work alongside our chef and kitchen apprentice. The chef sets the menu and distributes the work, and we’re looking for people who love to cook, to learn and to co-create in the kitchen with them.

Beautifying Team Leader – fully booked

We have one opening for a team leader of the beautifying crew. You’ll be in the team and also have some time set aside for the birds-eye view, leading team meetings and working closely with both team members and the volunteer leader.

*This role is free of charge

Full-Time Beautifying Volunteer

When you have an eye for cleanliness and enjoys making spaces beautiful, this is your team. Includes the main responsibility of making all of our spaces clean, beautiful and inviting for all guests. Also includes clean up after meals.

Part-Time Kitchen + Part-Time Beautifying 

If you enjoy beautifying, cleaning and cooking, and you want to have a more flexible role to experience all aspects of Shambala. You can apply for the kitchen and beautifying role. You will alternate weekly between the kitchen and the cleaning team.

Handy Person + Outdoor Caretaker / Builder

We have 1 opening for a “handy” person. Under the supervision of one of our managers, you will be doing some small carpentering work, painting walls and working outdoors maintaining our compost, flower pots and herbal garden.

We wish for this person to have a foundational knowledge of handy work and gardening. This role is ideal for those that love being outdoors and going solo, who enjoys getting his/her hands dirty and who loves taking initiative to start new projects of restoration and maintenance.

Experienced Builder

We need an experienced builder to help us renovate some buildings. You will work alongside others. As this role requires a specific skill, it is free of charge.


Part-Time volunteers pay 380kr per night and work only 2,5 hours per day, with one day off per week. Their tasks typically involve helping out with cleaning, cooking or gardening beautifying. These tasks will alternate weekly.

Please apply to one of the following periods:

Period 1: 25th April to 15th May 2022 (20 nights, 7600kr)
Period 2: 15th May to 5th June 2022 (21 nights, 7980kr)
Period 3: 5th June to 26th June 2022 (21 nights, 7980kr)
Period 4: 26th June to 17th July 2022 (20 nights, 7980kr)
Period 5: 18th July to 7th August 2022 (21 nights, 7980kr)
Period 6: 7th August to 28th August 2022 (21 nights, 7980kr)
Period 7: 28th August to 18th September 2022 (21 nights, 7980kr)
Period 8: 18th September to 9th October 2022 (21 nights, 7980kr)

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