Dear friends, teachers and guests.

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions with regards to how Shambala is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions. We will keep this page on our website updated regularly.

We wish you health, balance and joy. 

(Last update, 1st August 2020)

What is Shambala’s approach to the current situation?

Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. As the shock begins to settle, we realise we will be living with this new virus for some time. Our approach is to keep offering our beautiful retreats, combined with making changes to follow governmental regulations and preventive measures. We cannot guarantee that coronavirus will not appear at our beloved centre, but we will do everything we can to prevent it from happening. 

What specific preventive measures are being taken on site?

Our preventive measures include the following:

  • As per governmental guidelines, we will be keeping our groups smaller than 50 people. Most of the time, the maximum number will be 30. In each yoga class, we endeavour to reach no more than 18 yoga mats. For meditation retreats, we will keep the numbers to 30 maximum, as distance is kept more easily when seated. 
  • We will offer the possibility to our guests to book single rooms to all our retreats. If this is your wish, we ask you to book early, as spaces will be limited. For those that prefer, tenting options are available at a discounted price.
  • We have “hand sanitising” stations around the centre with hand sanitisers as instructions on how to behave whilst being with us.
  • At times, we will be laying yoga matts and props in the yoga shala prior to the arrival of our guests. This will ensure that some distance is kept between our guests. We ask all our guests to bring their yoga mats. If you see that your spot has been laid out already on arrival to the shala, we ask you to place your mat on top of ours. Please keep your props for the entire stay and try not to mix them. 
  • We will be disinfecting yoga mats and props after each retreat, if they are used by our guests. 
  • We will be disinfecting the entire centre before and after each retreat, as well as keeping the hygiene of shared spaces and door handles daily. 
  • We will be interviewing our volunteers 24 hours before arrival. We will be conducting a health survey with them and ensure that they have had no symptoms for at least 48 hours before arrival. Temperature checks and symptom checks will be conducted daily. If any symptoms appear, we will invite them to separate from the group until symptoms are cleared or a test is conducted. 
  • During our welcome talk on each retreat, we will be asking guests to be vigilant and inform our crew if any symptoms appear. 
  • We will still be offering our succulent buffet of food, but it will not be self-service. Someone will be serving our guests with protective hand gear.
  • We will be asking our guests to use our entire outdoor deck when eating, rather than using only our dining room, unless a healthy distance can be kept indoors. 
  • Weather permitting, we will encourage our teachers to have classes outdoors, on our beautiful fields. 
  • We will ensure that ventilation is kept throughout the centre at all times. 
  • We will be offering a strong “Immunity tea” (amongst others) at our tea station throughout the entire day, composed of hot ginger, turmeric and black pepper. 
  • Research shows that coronavirus does not spread via food. Still, measures will be taken to avoid spread amongst our kitchen workers. Masks and head gear will be used in the kitchen and ventilation will be kept.
  • The centre will be closed only if an infection loop is experienced. Prior to that, our intention is to catch symptoms as soon as it appears and stop the spread as quickly as possible.
  • We will be taking away cloth towels from our bathrooms and placing hand paper towels instead. Bathrooms will also have instructions on how to wash hands thoroughly to prevent a spread.
  • We will keep up to date with governmental regulations and guidelines.
How can I do my part when I come to Shambala?

We can only really succeed on our preventive goal if we have you on board.
Please read the image below carefully and take note on how you can help us prevent an infection.

If you are over + 70 years of age or have a serious underlying health condition or immune disease, we will ask to refrain from making a booking with us at this point. We will be revising this as we keep an eye on the evolution of the spread in Sweden. 

Please bring your own yoga mat and yoga props if possible. If you need to borrow them from us, we will be disinfecting them before and after use. But we rather suggest that you bring your own for extra precautionary measures.

We will be sending all our guests a health questionnaire 48 hours before arrival.
A temperature check will be performed at reception. We invite you to take your temperature at home before departure. Anything above 37,6 C (armpit temperature) will be considered fever.

We ask you to please stay at home if you have any symptoms.

What if I need to cancel my retreat due to illness?

We have an extra flexible cancellation policy for these special times.
If you need to cancel your booking due to illness, we will be reimbursing you your payment, no questions asked. We will also be giving you the option to support Shambala by leaving your fee with us and receiving a voucher for a future retreat.

What if I need to cancel my retreat as a teacher?

If you need to cancel your retreat due to legal restrictions from the Swedish government, please note that you will be reimbursed your deposit fee in full.

Should you wish to postpone your retreat, you can do so free of charge. If you are concerned about low bookings, please get in touch with us so we can meet your needs as much possible. 

Should you wish to cancel for any other reason, our usual teacher cancellation policy will apply.

My retreat is cancelled, what happens now?

We will try to avoid this possibility as much as possible and leave retreat cancellations as a last resort. In this case, you will be credited your money, or be given the option to support Shambala by leaving your fee with us and receiving a voucher for a future retreat. It will be your choice.

I am a volunteer, what do I need to be prepared for?

If you are coming to volunteer with us, we will be conducting a health questionnaire closely before you arrive to us. Upon arrival, your temperature will be checked and will continue to be checked daily.

We will encourage you to be part of a “bubble of contact”, where you can have physical contact with the community of volunteers, but not with our teachers and guests. Still, we ask you to keep this contact to a minimum within the bubble.

We will ask you to be vigilant for any symptoms, which you will need to report to us as soon as they arise. Depending on what comes up, we might ask you to separate from the group for some time until symptoms evolve. If possible, we will be ordering a PCR home test kit for you. If results are positive, we might have to ask you to leave the premises and isolate elsewhere. Please have a contingency plan in case this happens, buy your travel tickets changeable and bring your international health card with you.

What is the yogic way to prevent infection?

Below are a few videos with inspiration on how to boost immunity as a yogi:

We also suggest these resources below to strengthen your body and balance your mind during these special times:

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Be Here Now Network Podcasts
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Yoga Glow Free Trial
Ram Das Fear and The Journey of Awakening
Miranda McPherson Free Meditations – deepening in love and trust

May you feel healthy,
May you feel balanced,
May you feel joy.