Our approach is to keep offering beautiful ways to heal, gain health and vitality, connect to nature and each other, and at the same time following Swedish regulations and preventive steps.

These are the preventive steps we are following:

1. There are hand sanitising stations at the centre, and the place is thoroughly cleaned before each retreat.

2. We are asking customers to please stay at home if they don’t feel well. 

3. We are encouraging our teachers to keep the sala ventilated as much as possible.

4. We carry out quick tests on anyone presenting symptoms and following with a quarantine should we get a positive result.

5. If we have a spread at the centre, we will cancel our retreats and offer vouchers or refunds. 

We have an extra flexible cancellation policy, so that customers can feel at ease to book a retreat and cancel last minute if they present symptoms at home. 

If you are over + 70 years of age or have a serious underlying health condition or immune disease, we will ask to refrain from making a booking with us at this point. We will be revising this as we keep an eye on the evolution of the spread in Sweden. 

Please bring your own yoga mat and yoga props if possible. 

We ask you to please stay at home if you have any symptoms.

Early detection is key. Should you present any symptoms, please inform us immediately. Please be willing to take a quick test at Shambala, should you present any symptoms. 

If you are concerned for your own health and you rather not share a room, we encourage you to book a single room or one of our luxurious glamping Soulpad tents.

We have an extra flexible cancellation policy for these special times.

If you need to cancel your booking due to Covid illness, we will be reimbursing you your payment, no questions asked. We will also be giving you the option to support Shambala by leaving your fee with us and receiving a voucher for a future retreat.

If you are a teacher and you need to cancel your retreat due to legal restrictions from the Swedish government, please note that you will be reimbursed your deposit fee in full.

Should you wish to postpone your retreat for Covid reasons, you can do so free of charge. If you are concerned about low bookings, please get in touch with us so we can meet your needs as much possible. 

Should you wish to cancel for any other reason, our usual teacher cancellation policy will apply.

We will cancel our retreats only if we have not been able to prevent our spread with our preventive measures. 
In this case, you will be credited your money, or be given the option to support Shambala by leaving your fee with us and receiving a voucher for a future retreat. It will be your choice.

We will ask you to be vigilant for any symptoms, which you will need to report to us as soon as they arise. You may be asked to take a quick test onsite and/or an official PCR at a nearby clinic. Should you have a positive result, you will be on quarantine at Shambala for at least 10 days.