(last update 23rd March 2020)

Dear participants, assistants and teachers at Shambala Gatherings,

We live in an unprecedented time of change and disruption and our hearts go out to those that are suffering, all the health workers and those that find themselves on the front line of the current COVID-19 situation.

The Shambala team has met to discuss where we stand as a community.

Our intention is to support the global healing process as much as possible by following all governmental instructions and meeting your individual needs as generously as we can. We also intend to offer a helping hand in the way we know best: by continuing to offer opportunities for us to heal, be present, open our hearts in trust and join forces as a community, in whichever way we can.

We will keep this page on our website up to date, daily, in accordance to any changes in the situation and following governmental instructions.

Please read below for clarifications on all your FAQ (frequently asked questions), as well as a list of resources to keep your mind balanced and your body nourished.

We are here for you,

The Shambala Crew

Please note that the following information was updated on the 23rd March 2020 and will be applicable to all retreats happening at Shambala for 2020 until further notice.



Even though the current legal requirement in Sweden is for all events of more than 50 to close down, we feel that our obligation is to collaborate in minimising the spreading of COVID-19.

For this reason, up until mid May, we will limit groups to 15 guests only. 
This will ensure that each guest can stay in single room accommodation free of charge.
It will also allow our guests to maintain a healthy distance in yoga class and during meals.

This period of limited bookings, may be extended further into the summer, if the situation persists. 

For those retreats that are happening after middle of May, we will be limiting our capacity to 35 guests only. If the situation improves, we will increase our booking capacity. 

Click here for our full list of those retreats that will continue until further notice.

Please read below our measures to prevent spread.



Kitchen staff

It has already been stated by the Public Health Authorities in Sweden that COVID-19 is not transmitted via food (click here).

However, we do want to make extra sure that we keep respiratory hygiene to maximum levels whilst our kitchen staff is cooking. Even though masks don’t prevent the spread completely, it still presents a considerable barrier that we find important. Therefore, all our kitchen staff will wear masks, gloves and hair nets when dealing with food.

Extra sanitising measures will be taken in the kitchen.
(Special attention will also be given to door knobs, toilets, showers and dining room.) 

We will be offering a continuous supply of hot ginger, turmeric and black pepper tea to strengthen the immune system.

Sanitising Soap

We will make sanitising soap available to all our guests in our toilets and showers.

We will encourage all our guests to wash their hands thoroughly on arrival, before and after class, etc. 

Single rooms

From now until mid May, all our guests will stay in single accommodation without any extra charge. We will encourage all our guests to keep rooms ventilated. All rooms will be sanitised thoroughly after departure.

Shared towels

Shared towels in toilets will be substituted by disposable hand paper.

♡ Stay at home

We are asking all those that have any mild symptoms to stay at home (please read our symptom check below). Those include members of staff, volunteers, teachers and guests. For those guests that need to cancel due to illness, please read below our flexible cancellation policy.

This will ensure that our space is as clear as possible for those guests that feel the need and longing to come to the Shambala healing grounds and are able to do so.

We are also asking all who are +60 years of age or have an existing debilitating health condition to stay at home.

Anyone that shows any mild symptom will be quickly and kindly asked to return home. 



If you need to cancel your retreat due to legal restrictions from the Swedish government, please note that you will be reimbursed your deposit fee in full.

Should you wish to postpone your retreat, you can do so free of charge. If you are concerned about low bookings, please get in touch with us so we can meet your needs as much possible. 

Should you wish to cancel for any other reason, our usual teacher cancellation policy will apply. 



We are open for bookings and going ahead with our schedule until further notice.

As mentioned above, we have limited retreats to 15 guests up until mid May. After that period, the limit is up until 35 bookings (23 for retreats in the large sala and 12 for retreats in the small sala).
As spaces will be limited, we wish for our guests to make their bookings as soon as possible without concern of having to cancel in the future. 

If you wish to make a booking, please note that you will benefit from our new flexible cancellation policy.  This policy allows you to cancel your booking free of charge during the current times, so long as the cancellation is made at least 3 days prior to the start of the retreat. You will also receive a full refund, if you cannot travel due to legal restrictions. 

Should the situation improve, we will restore our cancellation policy to its original format. You will be notified about this ahead of time. 


Please enjoy the following resources to stay calm, nourished and strong.
You can sign up to our newsletter as well as our Facebook and Instagram platforms for more free resources of this kind.

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Miranda McPherson Free Meditations – deepening in love and trust



May you feel healthy,
May you feel balanced,
May you feel joy.