All aspects of yoga at Shambala

At Shambala Gatherings we are riding the fine line between being a modern ashram and staying true to the real yogic vision.

This vision as you probably know, goes far beyond physical asanas and popular health culture.
It encompasses insight into our true nature by what in sanskrit is called vichara (inquiry). Guided by the Vedas (yogic scriptures) we see that we are not only a body and mind with ups and downs, but a presence that shines in and through all these temporary phenomenas. A steady base of pure awareness that can hold space for everything that happens outside and inside of ourselves.

It includes the beauty of bhakti yoga, devotion to the the source of life. This is the aspect of yoga that brings in the love. At Shambala we often gather in kirtan and chant the names of the divine principle. Its an ancient practise that works wonders in these times of increased stress levels, a way to quickly break through the inertia of the the emotional body and to connect to higher power. Bhakti yoga is seeing the divine principle alive in anyone and anything and creates the feeling of non-separateness.

Part of the yogic path for us is also the inclusion of Shakti, the great purifying energy that we can get in contact with through deep meditation, prayer, asana and shaktipat. It’s not just an increase and balancing of the Prana, but an awakening of Kundalini Shakti that boosts the spiritual evolution of the practitioner.

We have also come to see through the years of serving the Swedish yoga community the importance of Sangha (spiritual community). To gather in the name of truth and love and to see each other in the light of a higher vision is truly a gift in these times of narcissistic tendencies and individualistic lifestyle. Just to be together in a field that holds the principles of yoga is deeply nourishing for the soul.

We love to be here for you as a steady presence and a mirror of your deeper heart and higher self.

Johan Svanborg

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