At times, we need to stop and find a place we call home. Somewhere to rest and be for some introspection and to digest our experiences in life. A place for stillness and reflection. Welcome to the winter caretaker role at Shambala Gatherings.

We are Shambala Gatherings: a small retreat centre in the Swedish forest of Bergslagen, situated just 2,5 hours from Stockholm. We are looking for a volunteer caretaker that enjoys silence and nature and is in need of a free place to stay during the winter (couples are welcome).

We divide our year between low season (autumn/winter) and high season (spring/summer). During the high season, we cater for many retreats at our center and we have a community of yogis and staff serving retreats. During the low season however, some teachers use our facilities to bring their own groups, but we don’t offer our usual services.The feeling during the low season is of quiet and introspection.

Are you in need of some down time? Do you have basic maintenance handy skills? Do you have a manual driver’s license? Are you self-run and happy to take initiative? Then this opportunity might be for you.

In 2024, we divide the low season in two parts:

1) 1st winter slot
Arrival: 27th November 2023
Departure: 26th February 2024

2) 2nd winter slot
Arrival: 19th February 2024
Departure: 13th April 2024

You are welcome to apply for 1 or both slots.

These are the responsibilities of the winter caretaker are:

– Greeting teachers on arrival
– Small maintenance jobs: changing fuses and lightbulbs, small plumbing jobs, etc.
– Ploughing the snow
– Feeding our cat Charlie
– Optional: extra hand to the caterer in the kitchen during retreats (in exchange for food and joining classes)

For a full list of duties, please contact us at :

You can expect 2 hours of easy work per day, with 1-2 days off every week.

Optionally, during retreats, you are welcome to work 3 hours extra per day in the kitchen with our caterer and small group of kitchen volunteers. This will connect you to the community in the retreat centre and you will receive food and access to some retreat classes as an exchange.

We are expecting to have between 7 and 10 small retreats during the full winter period, mostly during long weekends.

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You will have your own private wooden house, called Casa Calma, situated next to the retreat centre, equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, heating and internet access. All your utilities will be paid for. And you will have access to a car.

You will only need to provide your own food between retreats and petrol. Shambala Gathering is only 5 mins drive away (30 mins walk) from the nearest town Skinnskatteberg, with supermarkets and petrol station plus a train and bus station that can quickly take you to Stockholm and other beautiful Swedish cities.

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Are you a couple?

Our intention is for the place to be professionally cleaned after each retreat. We are asking teachers for a one-time fee of 2000 sek + vat for this cleaning service. If you are a couple, one of the applicants can take on this cleaning job and receive this fee. We are expecting 8-10 retreats this full winter period.

This cleaning role is perfect for those that have a keen eye for deep cleaning and decoration. You are also welcome to help for a few hours during retreats in exchange for food and access to yoga classes.

Please note that we only have accommodation for a single caretaker or a couple, not for two single people.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Contact us at:

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Contact us at:

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