(volunteer with us)

“Here is where the magic happens:
where we dare to shine and share ourselves openly with others, learning to live fearlessly and in joy every day.”

The growing large international family that makes the volunteer community at Shambala is one of the most enjoyable parts of our project.

Being a karma yogi at Shambala can be one of the most life changing experiences of your life. To connect to a group with the heart purpose of bringing joy to others is an unparalleled experience that is likely to bring you insights for many years to come. 

It can be easy as child play at times and at other times it can be more challenging.
For this reason we are specially welcoming those that have a relative emotional balance, physical stamina and overall health.
We are also asking for a minimum age of 25 to apply as a volunteer.

“Take a deep breath and be prepared to make friends for life and have an unforgettable experience with us.”

Shambala is a small, beautiful centre with the biggest heart possible. Even though we hold courses throughout the entire year, the community at Shambala only resides at the centre during the summers.

During the summer months we are mostly fully booked and host up to about 50 guests and teachers at a time. Therefore we need your help to run these retreats smoothly!

Shambala divides its community between “core staff”, “full-time volunteers” and “part-time volunteers”.

The core staff fulfils roles such as management, kitchen leadership and administration, they are remunerated financially and they typically have longer working hours and higher responsibilities than the volunteer team.

Then there is our wonderful and colourful team of volunteers. The tasks vary depending on the role. But no matter what task is taken, each volunteer forms equal part of the community of Shambala.


This summer 2021 we are looking for 8 full time volunteers to form part of our community. We are specially looking for those that are used to being in similar atmospheres, with an interest in yoga, conscious living, personal development, meditation and/or personal development. 

In coming to Shambala as a full timer volunteer, you will engage in Seva (sacred service) for 5 hours per day with one day off per week. After a 3-day introductory training, you will enter a well-structured weekly schedule where you can offer your services.

As an exchange, we provide you with food and accommodation (in shared dorms or Soulpad tents with bed, electricity and heating). You will be able to join at least 3 yoga classes per week and activities every evening such as sauna, dancing, group chanting and cinema nights.

The avilable slots will be between 5-8 weeks and we will post the specific dates here around the middle of February 2021:

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We also have several time slots available for part-time volunteers.
Part-Time volunteers pay a fee per day (see below) and work 2,5 hours per day, with one day off per week. Their tasks typically involve helping out with cleaning & beautifying.

Below you can find the part time slots we have available. As a general rule, we can only take one part timer for each slot. If you are a couple and you wish to apply, please inquire with us, as we might be able to take an exception if we have enough space.

The specific dates for the periods of the part-time volunteers will be posted around the middle of February 2021

Thank you for your patience!


Take a look at the roles below !!
Please make sure you apply for a specific role when you send us your email :

Kitchen Assistants

This year we have four openings in the kitchen as full time or part time kitchen  assistants, also known as our “Kitchen superstars!”. These vibrant individuals will receive a training from our chef and assistant chef, on how to cook delicious vegan meals and lead a conscious kitchen.

Full Time Kitchen Assistant:

This is a great opportunity for those that have a background and strong interest in cooking and wish to take their knowledge to the next level. The kitchen is the heart of our place, the soulful centre that nourishes everything that we do.

Even though we aim at cultivating a nourishing atmosphere, at times it can be challenging due to time pressure. We are calling those that are passionate and vital enough to spend 5 hours work per day in the kitchen.

Part Time Kitchen Assistant/ Part time cleaner:

The part time kitchen assistant position is for those that wish to assist in the kitchen for one meal per day only. The rest of the time, you will join the cleaning and beautifying team or help out our “handy (wo)man”.

 Cleaners and Beautifiers

We have five openings for those that understand the importance and art of creating sacred environments that breathe cleanliness, balance and beauty. You will be following directions from Elad Rabinovich, our leader for this team, who will inspire you with his devotion to simplicity, order and harmony.

We are grateful to those in this group that are able to transcend preconceived ideas about cleanliness as being boring or a lower ranked job.
We welcome those that see the importance of this task and are willing to be creative in it, passionate about transforming crowded spaces into temples.

Part time cleaner / part time kitchen assistant / part time content creator:

Are you “artsy” and enjoy creating photo and short video content?
We are looking for someone who wants to be part of a little bit of everything: the Cleaning & Beautifying team, the Kitchen Team and and who is also inspired to create some media content for us once per week. An ideal role for a multitasker who likes to have his/her hands in all the pies 😉

 Handy (wo)man + Outdoor caretaker

This year we have one opening for a “handy” person. Under the supervision of Johan, you will be doing some small carpentering work, painting walls and working outdoors maintaining our compost, flower pots and herbal garden. Our handy person will also be picking up our guests from the station and welcoming them with a warm smile.

We love this person to have a foundational knowledge of handy work. This role is ideal for those that love being outdoors and going solo, who enjoys getting his/her hands dirty and who loves taking initiative to start new projects of restoration and maintenance.


We would love to hear from you. Please note that our volunteer recruitment process will start in the middle of February 2021.

Send us an email at or (click here).

We will need to know:

* Which role you are applying for
* What your background is
* What your experience is within the role you have applied for
* If you have ever lived in a community before
* If you are interested in yoga, meditation, conscious living and/or personal development.

You will then be directed to one of our managers, who will send you a questionnaire and organise a Skype call with you. If you are applying for a kitchen position, you will also talk to our wonderful Chef!

Looking forwards to meeting you and spending a transformative summer with you!