3 Day Sound Healing Retreat with Mateusz Kraviec and Miguel Bonett

Dates: 11-13 September, 2020

Welcome to a 3 day sound healing retreat with Mateusz Kraviec and Migueleon Bonett at the beautiful retreat center Shambala Gatherings.
In this 3-day experience, you will be immersed in a sound-space open to healing, relaxation, clarity, and creating deep sense of well being.

We will be sharing our collective sound-wisdom, sound-practice, and techniques for how to Self Heal and Harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies.

We will be introducing you to the Gong, Singing bowls, Tuning forks, the Monochord, Flutes, Didgeridoo, Hand Drums, Chimes, the Voice and many more


8640 kr

1 × Sound Healing Retreat - Accommodation
4320 kr
1 × Sound Healing Retreat - Teacher
4320 kr
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