2020 Terms & Conditions

Welcome teachers, leaders, mentors and guides willing to walk the beautiful path of conscious co-creation with us. We support teachings from all spiritual traditions and paths of personal growth. We specially welcome those that see this relationship not just a as a business opportunity, but also as a chance to connect with the core values of Shambala: Mutual respect, honor and joy.



(June, July, August)

Mid season

(May and September)


(October to April)

During Summer and Mid season we host parallel retreats unless otherwise negotiated with the teacher.
We carefully chose parallel retreats that “match” in terms of frequency and values. 
During the Winter season, retreats book the whole space without sharing.


Shakti Hall (large yoga sala):

  • Capacity: 33 yoga mats / 45 meditation spaces
  • During parallel retreats we allocate a maximum of 25 beds for the ShaktiHall including 2 teachers. During single retreats, you have access to the entire centre, which is a total of 40 beds in the summer and mid-season and 37 beds in the winter.
  • More bookings are welcome on a tenting basis
  • Size: 100 sqm.
  • Min bookings winter season: 10
    Min bookings mid and summer season: 15

Budha Hall (small yoga sala): 

  • Capacity: 15 yoga mats / 25 meditation spaces
  • During parallel retreats we allocate a maximum of 15 beds for the BudhaHall including 2 teachers. 
  • More bookings are welcome on a tenting basis
  • Size: 50 sqm.
  • Min bookings: 10 


We have the following accommodation options. All rooms have shared bathroom and showers (divided into male and female). 

  • 9 x twin bedrooms
  • 5 x triple bedrooms
  • 1 x large 4-bed room
  • 1 x separate teacher hut (double bed) – only during the summer and mid-season
  • 1 x separate teacher hut (twin bed) – only during the summer and mid-season
  • Tenting space

Total capacity Summer and mid-season : 40 beds
Total capacity Winter season : 37 beds



We have a large, fully equipped kitchen, dining room for up to 33 people, library and lounge area. On the deck we have outdoor tables and a large sitting area overlooking the lake.


We offer daily saunas free of charge. We have two saunas: a wooden one floating on the lake and an electrical one inside the main building. We offer one wood (floating) sauna per day, normally in the evenings. If you need an extra sauna, we are happy to put the electrical sauna once per day without extra charge. Please inform us of this in advance. If you are a teacher that is booking our space without catering, please note that there will be enough wood by the floating sauna for one use per day. In the non-catering option, teachers will need to light the fire themselves.


Our delicious food buffet is Ayurvedic based and vegan. Fore more information, please click here. The design of the menu and the purchase of ingredients are made in advance. During parallel retreats, both retreats share the same menu. Any change in the menu will need to be negotiated at the time of contract and will be confirmed only when the parallel teacher is in agreement. Please note that we do not accept any last minute food requirements. We urge all teachers to accept our beautiful menu just as it is as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


Our prices are per person / per night. We serve three abundant, healthy buffet meals every day. Should you require some extra snacks, we happily provide them for an extra 45kr + 12% vat per person per day. Please advice us if you need to arrive earlier and wish to take a meal. In this case, please note each meal price below.

In an effort to being as ecological as possible, we ask guests to bring their own sheets. This is a normal custom in Swedish hostels. Customers can rent sheets and towels from us for 200kr inclusive of tax. They can make that order when they book our retreats online. 

** Prices are negotiable for groups of +25 participants in size or +7 days in length. Also for those in the months of January and February. Please enquire within. 

Sharing the centre with a parallel retreat
Large sala (Shakti hall): min of 15
Small sala (Budha Hall): min of 10

  • Twin Bed Room: 850kr + 12% vat

    – Breakdown:

    450kr + 12% vat : bed
    100kr + 12% vat : breakfast
    150kr + 12% vat: lunch
    150kr + 12%vat: dinner
  • Triple or Large 4-Bed Room: 790kr + 12% vat

    – Breakdown:

    390kr + 12% vat : bed
    100kr + 12% vat : breakfast
    150kr + 12% vat: lunch
    150kr + 12% vat: dinner

  • Guest’s own Tent: 500kr + 12% vat
    (only available in June, July and August)


    100kr + 12% vat: field space and use of facilities
    100kr + 12% vat: breakfast
    150kr + 12% vat: lunch
    150kr + 12% vat: dinner

  • Single room extra charge: 300kr + 12% vat

Only available when retreats are not fully booked.
All guest will receive an email once single bed upgrades become available.


Includes access to the entire centre. 
Min of 10 bookings

All rooms: 850kr + 12% vat


450kr + 12% vat : bed
        100kr + 12% vat : breakfast
150kr + 12% vat: lunch
150kr + 12%vat: dinner



Includes access to the entire centre. 

480kr + 12% vat
Min of 10 bookings 

** Note to international teachers: Please note VAT will also be charged to international teachers. By law, if a service is given on Swedish soil, VAT will be applied, regardless of wether the teacher is billing internationally or not. 


1-15 paying guests = 1 teacher free
16-25 paying guests = 2 teachers free
26-35 paying guests = 3 teachers free

Otherwise, any other member of the team is charged half board.
There is a maximum of 2 members of staff paying half board.
All others will need to pay full board.


0-6 years old – free
7-14 years old – 320kr + 12% vat
14-18 years old – 500kr + 12% vat

“We support your vision from beginning to end.”

At Shambala Gatherings we kindly take care of every detail of your retreat process with a personal, customised approach. From listing your retreat in our social media, blog and newsletters, to using external booking agents, as well as taking care of all communication with customers, taking payments and producing receipts. 

We wish the world to know the retreats we host. For this reason, we ask for a non-negotiable fee of 180kr + 12% vat in order to publish your retreat in our website, visited 100,000+ times per year.  In addition to this, you can chose either of the two packages below :

Admin package – 1100kr + 12% VAT per retreat:

We will gladly take care of the administration for your retreat through the following services:

  • All bookings through our website
  • All online customer queries
  • All phone customer queries
  • Receiving payments via the Shambala website
  • Issuing receipts
  • Welcome letters to our guests informing them about all they need to know prior to arrival, as well as sharing some fun content to get them inspired and ready for their arrival. 

Marketing Kit – 1600kr + 12% VAT per retreat

We support your marketing campaigns all year around through our promotional venues with high reach and return on investment, including targeted ads via: 

  • 2 Facebook boosted / paid posts with 6,000+ friends
  • 1 Facebook calendar event with 6,000+ friends
  • 2 Instagram boosted / paid posts with 4,000+ followers
  • 2 Newsletters calendar blasts with 2,500+ subscribers
  • 1 Blog post via website with 100,000+ total views every year

Find all the detailed information by clicking here! <<

Kirtan – Free of charge

During mid-season and summer season we offer leading groups one evening per week into Kirtan practice free of charge. For more information on kirtan, please click here.


If you wish to benefit from this beautiful group activity, please let us know when writing your contract with us. Please refrain from promoting this activity in advance as it depends on the availability of our kirtan group. Even though it is rare that we might need to cancel this service, it can be that last minute changes occur. We will confirm 3 weeks in advance if this activity will take place. 

Treatments– For charges, please click here

We love bodywork. Please click on the link above to see what treatments we have on offer. It is a good idea to leave ample time between classes to let guests enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of our treatments.  


Upon receiving your booking, we will ask you to transfer a fee of 180kr + 12% vat in order to create a page for your retreat on our website. Please note that this is not negotiable.

You will also be requested to pay 4500kr + 12% vat as a deposit up front to confirm your booking. This deposit will be returned if the booking is cancelled more than 5 months in advance. 

If you are booking the Admin and Marketing Kit, you will also be asked to pay each fee in advance. Please note that neither of these fees are refundable should you decide to cancel your booking. 


Minimum numbers:

* Winter (you have access to the entire centre. We don’t host parallel retreats):
– Shakti Hall: min of 10
– Buddha Hall: closed

* Summer and mid-season (we host parallel retreats):
– Shakti Hall : min of 15
– Buddha Hall : min of 10

* Access to entire centre:
– Winter: min of 10
– Mid-season: 25
– Summer: 35

Should you have less bookings than the minimum number, we can still go ahead with your retreat, so long as the daily minimum number is paid for.


We wish teachers to align with our “Guest Cancellation Policy”.
Guest will be informed of this policy on your event on our website, before payment.
Please find the policy below:

  • More than three months notice: 100% of the total cost of the retreat will be returned
  • 3 months to 14 days notice: 70% of the total cost of the retreat will be returned
  • 14 days to 5 days notice: 50% of the total cost of the retreat will be returned
  • Less than 5 days notice: 0% of the total cost of the retreat will be returned



Option # 1:  Without Admin Package
(All bookings done directly by the teacher.)

On the event page in our website, we will type the email of the teacher.
Our customers will be advice to contact the teacher directly in order to make a booking. The full payment (teacher fee and Shambala fee) will be received by the teacher. The teacher is responsible for issuing receipts to each customer for the total amount.  

*Summer and Mid-season (May to September)
After the completion of the event, Shambala will invoice the teacher for food and accommodation. This invoice needs to be paid within 10 days.

*Winter Season (Oct-April)
During this time of year we work with an external caterer who is in charge of providing all the food and meals for your retreat.
The caterer will invoice the teacher for the minimum of 10, two weeks before the commencement of the retreat.
After the completion of the retreat, she will invoice the teacher for any extra bookings received. After the retreat Shambala will also invoice the teacher for the room price. Both these invoices needs to be paid within 10 days.


Option # 2:
 With Admin Package

(All bookings done through the Shambala website.)

Guests will make a booking and direct payment for the full amount of the event, via the Shambala website. Shambala is responsible for issuing receipts.

After the completion of the event, the teacher will invoice Shambala for the teacher fee. We commit to paying the invoice within a maximum of 10 days. 

* For international teachers: Please note that a 6% vat charge will be subtracted from your payment to pay for the VAT charge of your activity in Sweden. 6% applies to all forms of yoga, except for yin yoga, and active Chi Kung. 

Retreats that involve yin yoga, yoga teacher trainings, bodywork trainings, meditation retreats and chanting retreats will be charged at 25% vat by the Swedish tax system. For this group, we advice to either incorporate other forms of yoga in your program (so we can apply the 6% charge), or chose payment option nr 1. 

* For Swedish teachers: please make sure you quote the right vat % when you send your bill to us. 

** Note:  If you have any questions about these payment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact our admin at or by (clicking here). We will be glad to clarify any questions you may have. 



We encourage teachers to take their bookings via our website. This will ensure that the booking process is as effortless as possible for your clients. 

Our online payment has three options for our guests: Stripe, Swish and bank transfer. If guests chose to pay via Stripe, an additional 1.4% will be added to their total price. This amount will cover the commission fees for Stripe. If guests chose to pay via Swish or bank transfer, the transaction is free.

As a teacher, you will be given access to our “E-commerce Teacher Portal” on our website. This facility will enable you to open a teacher account with your own private log in details. Here, you can edit your bank details and check how many bookings you have for your retreat. 


Even though we have some members of staff, our team is made largely by volunteers. In the winters and mid-season, the place runs with a small amount of volunteers (6 or 7). In the summers we need a bigger amount to help with the increased volume of guests that come to our place (about 15). These selfless warriors help with every small detail involved in running our place. This enables teachers to focus on their teaching and trust that guests are being taken care of. They also add this family, home-like feeling that is so characteristic of the Shambala way. We are immensely grateful to them and we simply couldn’t do this without them. 

One way in which we honor their help is by offering the possibility to participate in courses during their spare time. For this reason, in order to host an event at Shambala Gatherings, it is a requirement to open at least one class per day to the community (volunteer team). You can expect a max of 4 volunteers in the Shakti Hall and a max of 2 volunteers in the Budha Hall per class (unless the space is full). Please let us know in advance if this is a problem for you. 

During the winter, if you as a teacher have somebody that wants to join the retreat but don’t have the funds, then that person is very welcome to contact our caterer via email to see if volunteering might be an option.


Meal serving times:
9am: Breakfast
1:30pm: Lunch
7pm: Dinner

(** in the case of parallel retreats, both retreats will be served at the 
same time) 
Learn more about our food here!


Check-in & Check-out Times:

(unless otherwise specified on the initial negotiation)
Check-in: 4pm
Check-out: 3pm

Welcome Talk: We ask all our teachers to allow for a 5min welcome talk on the first group session of their retreat. In this short presentation we will inform all our guests of a few practicalities that will make everyone’s stay more comfortable and will allow us to do our job more efficiently. Please note that this talk is non-negotiable. This applies to catering and non-catering retreats. During non-catering retreats, our grounds manager will make the talk. 

– Silent breakfast: At Shambala we aim at having our breakfasts in silence. It is a sacred moment for us to catch our breaths and be in stillness before the dynamism of the day starts. We hope you will happy to adhere to this rule. Please let us know in advance if this would be a problem for you.

Ceremonial Fires: We are happy to arrange for a ceremonial fire for you inside our tipi or in our sweat-lodge area. We are limiting these ceremonial fires to one per retreat. Please enquire with our team should you need more. For retreats without any catering, we ask our teachers to please not leave these fires unattended at any time.

– Note that we don’t take responsibility for the arrangement of the forward travel of any of the guests or teachers after their retreats.

– Earlier arrival or later departure needs to be agreed in advance. As the caterer travels from a long distance to cater for retreats, it is not always possible to provide meals to those that wish to arrive early or leave late. If so, you are welcome to do so but please note that you might need to self-cater. 

We don’t provide laundry services unless your retreat is 10 days in duration or more. For retreats of + 10 days in duration, we gladly take care of our customer’s laundry for 100kr per bag including vat. 

– Unfortunately our printer is not available for public use. We ask you to please print all manuals and hand outs before your arrival.

– We offer pick up from the bus and train station in Skinnskatteberg (only 5 mins drive from the centre). There is a 50kr surcharge per person in winter and is to be given to the driver upon arrival. Alternatively, the teacher is welcome to organise rides with the local taxi company: +46 222 100 40.

– In order to complete the intense task of organising our schedule smoothly, we kindly ask you to answer emails within a maximum of ten days. In the case that we don’t hear from you during this period we might feel obliged to give your space to another teacher.

– We are located in nature, surrounded by forest, but we do have one neighbour. Out of respect, we ask our teachers to keep music within a limited decibel range of 80 decibels indoors with windows and doors closed. There is a decibel meter next to the sound system that will help you establish that. If you have planned a dance gathering or any loud events as part of your retreat, please let us know in advance so we can prepare in advance. Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In rare cases, we may ask for you flexibility to make small changes in dates up to 6 months prior the start of your retreat. After this period, your dates will be considered “firm” an immovable. Thank you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for booking with Shambala Gatherings!