(volunteer with us)
Summer 2021

“Here is where the magic happens:
where we dare to shine and share ourselves openly with others, learning to live joyfully every day.”

The growing large international family that makes the volunteer community at Shambala is one of the most enjoyable parts of our project.

Being a karma yogi at Shambala can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. To connect to a group with the heart purpose of bringing joy to others is an unparalleled experience that is likely to bring you insights for many years to come. 

It can be easy as child play at times and at other times it can be more challenging.
For this reason we are specially welcoming those that have a relative emotional balance, physical stamina and overall health. We are also asking for a minimum age of 20 years old to apply as a volunteer.

“Take a deep breath and be prepared to make friends for life and have an unforgettable experience with us.”

Shambala is a small, beautiful centre with the biggest heart possible. Even though we hold courses throughout the entire year, the community at Shambala only resides at the centre during the summers.

During the summer months we are mostly fully booked and host up to about 50 guests and teachers at a time. Therefore we need your help to run these retreats smoothly!

Shambala divides its community between Paid staff, Kitchen apprentice, Full-time volunteers and Part-time volunteers.

The paid staff fulfils roles such as management, kitchen leadership and administration, as they are remunerated financially, they typically have longer working hours and higher responsibilities than the volunteer team.

From 2021 we will have an opening for a Kitchen apprentice, which is an educational role that supports our chef. Then there is our wonderful and colourful team of volunteers. The tasks vary depending on the role.

No matter which role is taken, each member forms equal part of the community of Shambala.

Note: This summer 2021, we will start our volunteer recruitment process, by prioritising applicants already residing in Sweden. This is simply because of possible travel restrictions due to Covid. If you are not in Sweden and wish to join us, do send your application anyways. There is still a big chance that you can join us, depending on which country you will be travelling from. 


This summer 2021 we are looking for 1 kitchen apprentice and 9 full time volunteers to form part of our community. We are specially looking for those that are used to being in similar atmospheres, with an interest in yoga, conscious living, personal development, meditation and/or personal development. 

In coming to Shambala as a full time volunteer, you will engage in service for 5 hours per day with one day off per week (the kitchen apprentice, managers and kitchen leader will take 1,5 days off, as they take more responsibilities).

After a 3-day introductory training, you will enter a well-structured weekly schedule where you can offer your services.

As of 2021, we will be charging only 65kr per day to our volunteers (with the exception of the kitchen apprentice). This is for financial but also for legal reasons.

As an exchange, we provide you with food and accommodation. You will be able to join at least 3 yoga classes per week and activities every evening such as sauna, dancing, group chanting and cinema nights. Accommodation is in Soulpad tents with a bed, bedding, electricity and heating, or, if you prefer, you can stay in the Yogi House, which is a 4-bed dorm house with a nice lounge to chill out.

You can apply for more than one slot. Those that stay for more than one slot, will enjoy some holiday days also. Please note that arrival and departure dates are non-negotiable.

Slot 1: 
Arrival: 25th April
Departure: 9th June
Duration: 6,5 weeks
Tota cost: 2900kr
Slot 2: 
Arrival: 6th June
Departure: 11th Aug
Duration: 9,5 weeks
Total cost: 4300 kr
Slot 3: 
Arrival: 8th Aug
Departure: 22nd Sept
Duration: 6,5 weeks
Total cost: 2900 kr

Take a look at the roles below !!
Please make sure you apply for a specific role when you send us your email :


Full Time Kitchen Apprentice (NEW)

This year we have 1 opening for a kitchen apprentice, who will be the right hand person to our chefs.

If you are passionate about cooking, already have some valuable skills in the kitchen, and wish learn the ropes of working in a professional kitchen, this is perfect for you.

These vibrant individuals will receive direct instructions from our chef on how to cook delicious vegan meals and lead a conscious kitchen for small and large groups of people. You will be learning via osmosis, by being hands in team leadership and food preparation.

Typical tasks involve leading the breakfast team, designing the menu with the chef, assisting on larger meals (lunch and dinner) taking care of inventory and learning to make delicious desserts and bread.

* Taking on this role is FREE of charge.
* You will enjoy 1,5 days off per week.
* Accommodation is in your own cozy van with its own heating and electricity.
* You will receive a referral from us to apply for your professional cooking job after Shambala.



Full Time Kitchen:
Do you enjoy cooking, being in the heart of the place, and learning new recipes?
Then this role is perfect for you. We have 3 spaces for this position. You will work alongside our chef and kitchen assistance in carrying out beautiful menus for our guests, decorating the buffet table with beauty and care and adding a loving, joyful frequency to our food.

Part time Kitchen + Part time Cleaning :

If you enjoy cooking, but don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen, you can apply for the kitchen/cleaning role. Some of your time will be spent in the kitchen, and some doing cleaning and beautifying roles. We have 3 spaces for this position.

In cooking you will be following directions from our kitchen leader, in cleaning you will be following directions from our managers, who will inspire you to create simplicity, order and harmony.

We are grateful to those in this group that are able to transcend preconceived ideas about cleanliness as being boring or a lower ranked job.

We welcome those that see the importance of this task and are willing to be creative in it, passionate about transforming crowded spaces into temples.
Artistic ones are very much welcome here! You will be encouraged to beautify the space with simple but gorgeous crafts to add a touch of beauty to the place.


* Kitchen & Beautifier + content creator:
Are you “artsy” and enjoy creating photo and short video content?
We are looking for 1 person who wants to be part of a little bit of everything: the Cleaning & Beautifying team, the Kitchen Team and and who is also inspired to create some media content for us once per week. An ideal role for a multitasker who likes to have his/her hands in all the pies!

 Handy Person + Outdoor Caretaker

We have 1 opening for a “handy” person. Under the supervision of one of our managers, you will be doing some small carpentering work, painting walls and working outdoors maintaining our compost, flower pots and herbal garden.

We love this person to have a foundational knowledge of handy work. This role is ideal for those that love being outdoors and going solo, who enjoys getting his/her hands dirty and who loves taking initiative to start new projects of restoration and maintenance.

Our handy person will also be picking up our guests from the station and welcoming them with a warm smile!!!


We also have several time slots available for part-time volunteers.
Part-Time volunteers pay 280kr per night and work only 2,5 hours per day, with one day off per week. Their tasks typically involve helping out with cleaning & beautifying.
The total cost for a total 2 week stay as a part volunteer is 3900kr.

Accommodation is in a 4-bed dormitory style Yogi House with a large lounge and chill out area.

Period 1: 25th April to 9th May
Period 2: 9th May to 23rd May
Period 3: 23rd May to 6th June
Period 4: 6th June to 20th June
Period 5: 20th June to 4th July
Period 6: 4th July to 18th July
Period 7: 18th July to 1st August
Period 8: 1st August to 15th August
Period 9: 15th August to 29th August
Period 10: 29th August to 12th September
Period 11: 12th September to 22nd September


We would love to hear from you. Please note that our volunteer recruitment process closes on the 5th of April. It is advisable to contact us as soon as possible, as positions start getting filled quickly from the 20th of February onwards.

To apply – please fill out this form: Karma Yoga Application

Right now we receive a lot of applications, which is wonderful, we’ll be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your patience!

Looking forwards to meeting you and spending a transformative summer with you!