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The Kitchen: the heart of Shambala

The kitchen is the heart of Shambala. We just love to make delicious vegetarian food for you. We not only use the best possible ingredients, but we also take care of food combinations to ensure that you are in top energetic shape all throughout the retreat.

3 abundant buffet style meals per day.

Vegan and gluten-free.

Recipes inspired by the Indian Ayurvedic health tradition.

Mostly organic ingredients.

Locally produced vegetables and honey as much as possible.

We avoid common allergens such as nuts.

We put love in every detail.

We admit it: we are idealists. We just love doing things well.
When we search for a chef we want her to also be warm hearted, devotional in nature, inspired by beauty and health and highly conscious.
We found her for you.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we present: Jenny Janaki Solberg.
For more information on Jenny's creative endeavours worldwide through Yoga and food, please follow her on and


Our garden is our joy.

Our garden is our joy. We collect a small crop each year of hebs such as mint, rosemary, thyme, dill, fennel and leafy greens such as a different types of lettuces, ruccola, spinach and chard as well as beetroot and chives. We enjoy reasearching into the healing capacities of some wild growing plants and adding them to our soups, juices, spreads and salad mix.


10th Year Anniversary Community Cook Book

In 2016 we celebrated our 11th Anniversary at Shambala by uncovering our long held secret recipes in our first Community Cook Book! We will share over 50 recipes that cover all three meals of the day as well as some delicious extras such as desserts and viking alcohol-free beer. Our goal is to cover the building blocks of optimum nutrition and the foundational principles of cooking healthy food. Our focus is for recipes that are designed to be shared with many either in communities, large families or gatherings. For us, good things in life taste twice as good when shared. For more information, please register yourself on our newsletter below and you will hear from us soon.


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