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Shambala is an intimate yoga retreat centre in the Swedish forrest and since 2005 we have been hosting events in the fields of yoga, meditation, bodywork, teacher trainings, healing, festivals and music gatherings as well as hosting talks on the topics of personal growth, psychology and spirituality. Our facilities are simple but comfortable and welcoming. The location is one of abundant nature and lush forrests. We love what we do and we aim at levels of excellence in our service. In hosting your retreat at Shambala you will form part of what is our community, hence the feeling is of co-operation and co-creation, mutual support and open communication. We love supporting teachers that share this ideology with us.

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Shambala is not only a summer love affair.  Our facilities are available all throughout the year. From the new flower buds, to the midnight sun, to the red forrests and the snowy pines, each season is a dreamland.


It is a unique experience  to see nature waking up to the spring season in Sweden. A gentle awakening of all the elements in the forrest greets us with freshnes and aliveness. The low sun rays shine through the branches of the trees who themselves courageously open up to bloom. The birds, playfuly come to sing and the warmer waters melt and finally bless the nearby animals to drink.


Waking up in the middle of the night to see a bright day is an unparalleled experience for any nature lover.
The summers in Sweden are filled with days of sun (and some light rain), but generally with a pleasant temperature of  20-25 degrees Celsius. Days are long and pleasant, the community is home and there is a feeling of playfulness and co-creation.


For many, autumn is their favourite season in Sweden. After a bright summer, the lower sun rays bring calm and groundedness. The forests are filled with tones of auburn, orange, red and ochre. Animals are playfully seen collecting their food and preparing for hibernation. All around the air is fresh, the golden light invites us to stop, reflect and dwell in our own serenity.


The beautiful winter season in Sweden is an ocean of white snowfield everywhere, sparkling frozen lakes and pines heavy with snow. Many times the sun blesses the landscape exploding in a massive mirroring of light. The wolves and the elks are heard in the distance. The atmosphere is still and crisp, the mind is clear. It is the perfect opportunity to listen to the roar of silence and enter meditation. The nights in Shambala are cosy with warmth and candle light. 

From 1st of Sept until end of May, Shambala is available for rent with or without catering services. In booking Shambala during these months, you will have access to the entire centre as we generally only serve one retreat at a time. The feeling is of stillness, introspection, union with nature and its cycles.


From end of May until the 1st of Sept, Shambala goes its summer season. We generally aim at holding parallel retreats in our two shalas. The feeling is of joy, family atmosphere, playfulness and co-creation.

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“I often say that working at Shambala Gatherings is like working inside a singing bowl.  It has been the perfect venue for Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance for coming up to 4 years now, and is a place that has become a home and base to our work and its development.  Spiderflower is extremely sensitive energetically, so it is ultra important for us to find a venue where our specific needs are met.  We were in need of a venue with professional standards but without a commercial feel, more intimate but with enough room for our guests. All of this Shambala Gatherings provides to a point of it being over and above any expectations we initially held.  But what is outstanding about Shambala Gatherings is the spirit of the place, and the level of care given not only to the venue in practical terms, but throughout the whole process.  The energy is so, so clear, deeply heart centred and the intent with which Shambala Gatherings is held is so beautiful it has become a massively important part of Spiderflower’s work and life.  We have found nothing like it elsewhere.  We love you all dearly, and with so many thanks.”
Rowan Jaqueline, teacher The Flower Drum

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We define as a conscious business, one in which its leaders are aware of the impact of their actions on others. It sees itself as part of a large eco-system that must be nourished and cared for. It challenges the hegemony of financial profit as the driving force and instead seeks to benefit both human beings and the environment. Conscious businesses rely on the power of community and awareness to achieve its goals. It seeks not competition but co-creation, not rivalry but cooperation, not infinite growth but organic sustenance.  Its leaders walk this balancing act with an interest in their own spiritual growth, humility, empathy and love.


We are looking for leaders, teachers, mentors and guides that are willing to walk the delicate path of conscious co-creation with us. We gladly support teachings from all spiritual traditions and paths of personal growth. We specially welcome those that see this relationship not just a as a business opportunity, but also as a chance to connect with the core values of Shambala: those of mutual respect, honor and joy.

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Welcome to join Shambala Gatherings, a yoga community in the Swedish forest.
Living a life of fullness with the ones called to explore themselves through yoga, meditation, nature and self-knowledge.