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05 Jun


June 5 @ 3:00 pm - June 10 @ 4:00 pm


with Guillaume Laplane
5th – 10th June 2018

-30% Off for shared accommodation!
NEW twin shared price:  5950kr  incl food and workshop
NEW tent price: 4950kr including food and workshop


“A week to pamper, rest and be touched by the natural essence of our wild being. This is a journey into softness and intensity on the same time to restore the strongest sides of ourselves into lightness.”


“Opening the doors to our natural self, organic, sensorial, wild, powerful, sensitive, authentic, touching, smelling, tasting, feeling, celebrating or senses…”


Opening the doors… to our natural self, organic, sensorial, wild, powerful, sensitive, authentic…touching, smelling, tasting, feeling, celebrating all or senses…

Every embodied moment in contact with the elements & the specific qualities of natural places reveals essential teachings to us… Being present… embodied, receptive, taking space, playing with the unknown, feeling our empowerment and honouring our experiences.

5Rhythms, 5 days, 5 Elements.

Our physical & energetic bodies are already and permanently receiving and responding to the multiple environnements stimulus we experience in our daily life.

We are often only few breaths away from feeling and embracing fully the magical and high diversity of perceptions that we are designed to enjoy in our existence as human beings.

Dance is a gateway to relax our mind, energise our body, empower our hearts and give space to our creative souls… at every dance a deeper sense of aliveness blossoming inside one-self.

This retreat  is assisted by Zara Rutherfordcounts for 30 hours of 5Rhythms Waves® as pre-requisite for the 5Rhythms teacher training.

Zara will lighten our bodies after the dance guiding us into therapeutic stretches through gentle AcroYoga and Tai Massage.

A week to dance, explore and rest to reconnect with the natural essence of your true self.

A journey into softness and intensity, a time to ressource the strongest sides of who you really are by exploring the 5Rhythms moving meditation practice in a very unic connection to the pristine wilderness of Sweden.

We will have our dance sessions in a majestuous yoga studio by the lake and our outdoor dance explorations in connection with the elements in the surroundings of Shambala gathering.

The floating deck and sauna, the delicious vegan food, the stillness of the nature, the generosity of Shambala’s team and the joyful care of our dance community will be the perfect setting for this week to deepen your practice of the 5Rhythms.

Be very welcome !


“I open the gateways of movement, touch, sounds, words, rituals, play and silence welcoming everyone as you are, challenging and taking care. In my experience everyone have it’s own medicine for the group and the group it’s own for the world, the high vibration of Iceland have its own medicine for each of us and it is a precious gift to share this unique journey with you.”

This retreat counts for 30 hours of 5Rhythms Waves® as pre-requisite for the 5Rhythms teacher training. This retreat is accessible to all, a minimum experience of 5 hours of 5Rhythms Waves® with an accredited teacher is recommended. In case you have no previous experience in the 5Rhythms or movement practices, please send some words about you and your interest to Guillaume before booking your spot.


8:00-9:00am: Moving meditation

9am: Breakfast

10:30am-1pm: Dance session

1:00pm: Lunch

4:00-6:30pm: Dance session

6:30pm: Dinner

9-10pm:  Evening meditation (optional)


* Everyday we will have 2 dance sessions of 2,5 hours in studio & outdoor.

* Time to relax, pamper, share in the stunning surroundings of Shambala Gathering, swim in the lake, meditate, walk in the forest or have a massage, a sauna, a floating bath session  if you like.

* Extra dance sessions and meditation time will be set up in the morning or evening depending the group energy and needs.


CHECK IN: 3 pm



Guillaume LAplane Ibiza 2017 (1 sur 1)

Guillaume Laplane

Guillaume Laplane is a 5Rhythms® accredited teacher trained by Gabrielle Roth in 2007, dancer & architect, passionate and inspired by the natural underpinning goodness, healing and creative power of human beings and nature. He inspires us through powerful and subtle explorations into movement, touch and connection to nature.

Continuously deepening his understanding of the 5Rhythms map, he opens up new dimensions in our understanding and relationship to one-self, the others and our changing worlds.

“We fall into love through our own dances, remain touched and witness powerful transformations happening in our daily life.” The Elemental Explorations are the 5Rhythms maps explored outdoors in connection to natural sites and them specific elemental qualities.

His dance journey brought him to lead workshops internationally and in stunning natural environments as Morocco’s deserts, Corsica and Ibiza’s beaches, Iceland’s raw landscapes and Finland’s forests.

His teaching style is soft, clear, open minded and creative, a powerful ground to our personal and collective connections.

Guillaume worked in improvisation dance with Marie Motais & Anna Halprin, in contact impro with Manuela Blanchard, in tantra meditation with Margot Anand and as an independent eco-architecte in Switzerland & France for 10 years.


Zara Rutherford

Zara has been exploring many movement, healing, spiritual and ecological practices over the past 10 years. For her life is a continuous unfolding in understanding the body, movement and expression as a way to experience life more fully and allow the soul to dance and share with the world. She is based between Ibiza and Mexico where she offers classes, workshops, retreats and sessions based in Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Massage and Aguahara (aquatic experiences).

The cost for this retreat is:

On shared accommodation:
595€ / 5950kr 

5RTA members. Max 3p as Crew:
575€ / 5750kr 

Tent price:
495€ / 4950kr 

Cost includes accommodation, all food, transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).

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