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24 May

Vegan Cooking Retreat with Jenny Solberg

May 24 @ 4:00 pm - May 27 @ 4:00 pm

with Jenny Solberg

24th-27th May 2018
PRICE:  3990 kr  (including VAT., food and accommodation)

“Shambala´s chef, Jenny invites you for an inspirational vegan cooking retreat, to spark your inspiration in the kitchen”

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An empowering cooking retreat, with a holistic approach. With nourishing yoga classes, surrounded by beautiful nature and lot`s of fun cooking classes, this long weekend intends to provide you with new ideas on how to cook healthy food and cultivate a loving relationship to cooking. “


Vegan food has incredible benefits for your body’s wellbeing. Many people want to eat more plant based, for the sake of not hurting animals, the environment and for their health, but might not know where to start. This inspirational cooking retreat will be filled with lots of yummy, gourmet vegan food and nourishment, with the intent to give you new ideas for a healthy, uncomplicated and very tasty cooking experience.

A theme of this retreat will be Mindful cooking; discovering ways to cook and eat in a loving relationship with food, which will nourish your body and mind, as well as having a significant effect on how the taste and feeling of your food.

We’ll give you new ideas on how to spice up your meal, easy dishes for busy days, healthy sweets, raw cakes, smoothies, flavourful salads and lots of other goodies. We`ll share some recipes from the Ayurvedic kitchen, the ancient Indian natural medicine tradition, where food play a key role to health.

Our cooking sessions start with a small ritual to invoke the goddess of food and nourishment; Annapurneshvari Devi. These ceremonies can be a powerful opportunity for infusing the food with love, nourishment and the intention that turns your food into medicine.

The food will be vegan, gluten free and using only natural sweeteners.

Among Jenny’s favourite recipes, that she will share with you, is hummus, wild leaf pesto, mango-raspberry raw cake, chocolate-tahini raw cake, the famous Jenny bread, crispy crackers, healing Indian kichari, some delicious soups, how to ferment vegetables and much more!

You will also have time to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds Shambala Gatherings, with peaceful forest walks, a quiet lake and a floating sauna.

Each food theme at a glance:

AYURVEDA: Merete Skjørten, an Ayurvedic practitioner with long experience, will teach the basics of Ayurveda and it´s view on food as medicine. She will give an introduction to the three Doshas (body/personality types) and how you can eat according to your Dosha. She will hold the Ayurvedic cooking classes. 

In Ayurveda we define food as medicine and maybe the most important aspect for maintaining our health and overall  balance. Good health is not only defined as absence of disease, but as a healthy body and a happy mind.

“If proper diet no medicine is needed, if poor diet medicine is of no use”

Still we are not only concerned about what we eat, as important is how we eat, when we eat, who we eat and most off all our ability to digest what we take in – both physically and mentally.

“We are not what we eat, but what we digest”

In our introduction to Ayurvedic nutrition you will learn more about how to assess your current state of imbalance (vrkrti), and how to adjust your diet and habits of eating accordingly

VEGAN: dishes that help you transition to a more plant based diet. Vegan butter, the famous gluten free-sourdough “Jenny bread”, lasagna, pesto, hummus and tasty soups. We`ll look at how you can make simple dishes for busy days and prepare your fridge to make healthy meals on the go.

RAW: filled with nutrition and superfoods. Desserts that contains high energy and is really good for you. We`ll talk about raw foods benefits and how you can add more raw in your life. We`ll make cashew cheese, ferment food and look at it`s healing properties, make high quality amazing chocolate, incredible raw cakes and ice cream.

Some of the jewels you will take with you from this retreat:

–    lot`s of new inspiration on how to cook Vegan food at home

–    new ideas for healthy, simple breakfasts you can make in a minute

–    how to make a variety of salads that are filling, as well as tasty with fresh dressings

–    dips, spreads and condiment to add character to your meals

–    super yummy and sugar-free raw cakes and raw chocolates

–    gluten free sourdough bread and healthy crackers

–    easy made dinners that are healing for the belly

–    increased understanding of how cooking can be a relaxing and nourishing activity, with tools to incorporate a mindful cooking attitude

–    a rejuvenated body and belly, from soothing yoga classes and eating healthy food



16.00 Arrival and check-in

17.00 Yoga & welcome gathering

19.00 Dinner

20.00 Free time for sauna, forest walk and relaxing


7.30 Yoga

9.00 Breakfast

10.30 Cooking class

13.30 Lunch

Free time

16.00 Cooking class

19.00 Dinner

20.00 Kirtan/sauna


7.30 Yoga

9.00 Breakfast

10.30 Cooking class

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Check out


jenny pro

Jenny Solberg

Certified Atmavikasa Yoga & Sama Yoga teacher, Vegan chef and food lover.

From the age of ten Jenny started cooking her own food and has been experimenting and cultivating the art of cooking since then. As she gradually grew into living a spiritual life with yoga, meditation and studying the Vedic scriptures, healthy living became a part of her lifestyle. The value of Dharma (non-injury) became significantly meaningful to her life and she therefore decided to go vegan. In these times, with so many ideas of diet, Jenny has discovered a holistic way of cooking, where the process of cooking itself becomes a nourishing ritual where you can really taste the love in your food.

During summer, she is the chef at Shambala Gatherings and loves to nourish every yogi who comes by. She is also the co-founder of Nordic Light Yoga, where she shares her love for yoga and craniosacral therapy together with her beloved, Johan Svanborg. The winter she usually spends in Bali, a place to rest, study, contemplate and fill up on food inspiration.

“Raw cacao and avocado mousse, homemade granola, beetroot and sweet potato patties with tzatsiki, raw chocolate with walnuts and raisin…all so good!  While in Bali in 2017, I arranged a private vegan cooking session with Jenny. I was getting bored with my food options on a vegan diet and wanted desperately to create my own favorite foods. Jenny listened carefully to my limitations and likes/dislikes and created the perfect menu for our private cooking session, along with a shopping list. On the day of the class, we prepared about 7-8 dishes in 4 hours. I was jubilant! I couldn’t decide what to eat first. More importantly, Jenny was patient, answered all my questions, helped with little tips, and made me feel confident. I continue enjoying those dishes today. Thanks, Jenny!” – Roman Stearns, USA
“Jenny we had a wonderful time with you, I still make with great fondness and satisfaction of the dishes you taught as at Wei wu Sanctuary. Your presence and reverence  that so infused the beautiful food we ate at the retreat compelled us to request a cooking lesson from you. It was with great pleasure we joined you in making a vegetable lasagne and chocolate dessert and the most stunning sourdough. Thank you for your patience generosity and encouraging us to be at home with make these delicious meals. Each ingredient was teaming with vitality – hello to nutritional yeast and making our own vegan cheese – still impresses so many when I claim that.” – Kumbi Mukaro, Australia

Merete Skjørten

Certified Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher

Merete has a long and varied background from studies in both traditional western medicine and the more holistic approach to overall health and balance of mind, body and spirit.

In addition to being a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher, she has also studied Nutritional science, natural medicine, massage, coaching as well as traditional medical training (including anatomy, physiology and pathology).

Merete is passionate about sharing a holistic approach to health and well being. Including how every one of us, through increased awareness and a more ecological lifestyle, can obtain or maintain good health and balance in our daily life.

The cost for this retreat is:
3990 kr 

Cost includes accommodation, all food, transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).

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