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21 Sep

THE FLOWER DRUM: 4-day Dance Intensive with Tattered Butterfly

September 21, 2017 @ 10:00 am - September 24, 2017 @ 4:00 pm


with Rowan Jaqueline
21st – 24th SEPTEMBER 2017
PRICE: 4,900 kr (including VAT., food and accommodation)

“Everything within our universe is in motion and has rhythm.
Rhythm is something that repeats itself in time.

As the Moon circles the earth,
as the tides ebb and flow,
as day falls into night,
as the breath flows,
there is a heartbeat central to all things.

In our lives, there is also a multidimensional flow of rhythm.
The personal rhythm of the physical body. The wider rhythm of relationship in family, tribe and culture. The intertwined rhythms of the natural and elemental worlds. The cosmic rhythms of the planets, stars and wider universe. The drum is a place where these things rest together.
It weaves the very fabric of life through its beating heart. Rhythm. Connects. All things.”

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“Gathering once a year, every year, a 4 day dance intensive to water the soul and honey the heart, accompanied by exquisite percussion throughout.”  


The Flower Drum offers an ongoing journey into the ancient role of rhythm and the drum. For 4 full days, this is an invitation for dancers to work with high energy and clear focus in a dedicated space.  

The Flower Drum is for those who want to dance long and dance hard. It is a dance of thanks giving and of living well. 

Impro based, prayerful, focused and committed Spiderflower’s form is deeply grounded in earth and in body. Very special attention is paid to the drum. We are interested in the intimate relationship between the drum and body. Going deeper, we explore the relationship between the drum that beats in the chest (the heart) and the land itself – so rock to the rhythm of creation. 

Rhythm. Is an ancient thing. The Drum is one of the oldest instruments known to humankind and creates a rare level of holding where a dancer can completely immerse into the beat whilst being carried upon its exquisite rhythms for extended periods of time.

We let go into the honest and visceral layers of all that it is to be human. For all the colours of which we are made – we honour ourselves as co-creators in relationship with the wider whole. We dance in step and in time.

On the breath of exchange – upon the connective rhythms that bind all things – as feet tumble forth the language of prayer upon the flowering earth – we journey to a place that can be found to be utterly delicious. Here the ancient soul may remember itself well. 

Dancers have the opportunity to deepen into the drum and step inside its skin. The Flower Drum 2017, invites participants to go on a quest to find the drum that sits within the roots of a dancers ancestral tree. This can be a powerful journey, and creates a path into the dance itself. 
The Flower Drum asks those who feel ready to, to find or create that ancestral drum, bring it into the dance to tell its story, to initiate and learn its play. 

Now in its fifth year, The Flower Drum: Discovering the Deliciousness of the Ancient Dancing Soul acts as the first stanza to a wider, ongoing arts project, ‘Tongues in the Flowering Tree’.  This work is about keeping alive the diversity and obscurity of the drum across culture and time.  The arts project is a percussive story-telling of the fascinating findings made through The Flower Drum, as it celebrates the extra-ordinary history of the drum on a pan-cultural basis.This is an opportunity to step into that project.

Please Note: The invitation to work with the drum is simply for those who feel moved to participate in this way. It is completely fine to come without a drum too and just dance, dance, dance!



Most of our time is spent in movement dialogue. Following the group energy, the dance and land in conjunction – we devote two days to each point of the wheel. We start 9am to dance into the night. The dance weaves between in depth tuition on the wheel and practical sessions of earthwork.


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Rowan Jacqueline

Founder of Tattered Butterfly Arts and originator of Spiderflower, the essence of Rowan’s independent work sees the fusion of two disciplines.

Firstly that of theatre, with emphasis on the body as an instrument through dance and movement.  Secondly, the profound life ways and art forms of the worlds earth-wise peoples inspire her work greatly.

Trained in professional theatre at Rose Bruford College (BA Hons in Theatre Arts 1989 – 1992), Rowan has spent time working as an actor, writer and director.  On a parallel path since the age of 19, she has explored and studied indigenous and ancient cultures, their life ways and art forms.  Her most influential tutors have been Lorna Marshall and Merry Dufton in movement for theatre.  Joy Toop and the late Diane Park for indigenous arts and healing ways.

Rowan has extensive experience in the ceremony of vision quest over a 6 year period (2000 – 2006), has worked with dance and many other forms of ceremony.

In 1996 Rowan founded and directed The Kokopelli Company, a dance based theatre co interested in exploring earth-based art forms.  The Kokopelli Company worked to develop its own performance process, which served as a foundation for continued development and has evolved into Spiderflower.

Spiderflower’s structures have been the basis of Rowan’s work over many years around the UK and overseas, with special focus in Sweden.  

Rowan currently lives in the UK, is mother to a beautiful daughter and has spent a life time in dedication to the development of her work.


Kirby & Afra

Kirby and Afra possess incredible knowledge and skill, together they make some of the finest drummers in the UK. The original drummers for Spiderflower, they have worked closely with Rowan since 1999, so hold a deep understanding of this work. The trio create a percussive alchemy that is as soft, as it is powerful, as it is rare.

Early Bird – 4400 sek – (Before 30th July 2017)

Full Price – 4900 sek 


This price includes VAT, tuition, meals and accommodation.
Airport transportation and materials not included in the price.

Check in: 10 am
Check out: 4 pm

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Date: September 21, 2017 @ 10:00 am - September 24, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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