A SACRED FEMININE RETREAT with Sharada, Pia & Anna

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04 Jul

A SACRED FEMININE RETREAT with Sharada, Pia & Anna

July 4, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - July 9, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

with Sharada, Pia & Anna

4TH – 9ND JULY 2017
PRICE: 5900kr /Weekend only 2500kr
(including VAT., food and accommodation)

“A special time for nourishment, healing, learning and sacred devotional expressions in the spirit of the sacred feminine with healthy and sacred initiations into sister and womanhood.”


“This retreat is meant to support women from all backgrounds and ages towards self-acceptance and the discovery of love. As well as offers inspiration and tools to lead ones own Women’s Devi Circles. “


We are so happy to invite you to beautiful Shambala Gatherings in Borntorpet where we have the privilege to spend some days together dedicated to the Sacred Feminine.

The program is lovingly put together with many jewels from the Vedic Tradition that honors the sacred feminine profoundly and offers many tools for emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

The program includes:

Devi Sharing Circles & Classes, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Sama Yoga, Odissi Temple Dance, Bhakti & Vedic Mythology, Singing & Chanting, Rituals, Pampering & Nourishment, Raw Chocolate Workshop, Sister & Womanhood, creative feminine expression, alone time, walks, sauna and new Inspiration

The devotional practices like rituals, mantras and guided meditation help us to manage our emotions, overcome fears and obstacles that hinder our natural loving expression in life.

This is a magical expression and participation mystique, a regression to the magical child yet this time with wisdom, understanding and depth.

Bhakti – Devotion is an essential theme of our retreat. It is an attitude that we will invite to reside in our hearts in and through every expression, practices and learning. When we see what we have, it goes to the infinite. Everything is given, including my body, mind, and sense complex. When this fact is assimilated, Devotion is natural.

During Devi Classes we learn about our essential nature, we learn that we are lovable and worthy just as we are. Through stories from the Vedic Mythology we find lots of inspiration and support in life. We learn that the body is a temple; we neutralize complexes and judgments around it. We find a source of help and support through the teachings of Vedanta and the sharing with other women.

Devi Circles are magical, at times scary because here we will share with each other our stories and also reveal ourselves. We will learn how to invoke courage and strength to express out loud what has been untold. For many carry shame, guilt, hurts, judgments and fears. One of the best way to overcome them is to share and give voice to them and see that we are not alone. There is a background for it and there was helplessness. We can ask for help, we are worthy of it. We are ready to offer back what does not serve any longer. Based on different themes we will see how we have been conditioned and maybe holding on to wrong ideas and notions. In loving compassionate non-judgmental way we let them go and unlearn. 

Sacred Dance and Yoga help to process emotions, these practices are healing, strengthening, nourishing and simply beautiful. 

Alone time. Learning how to be alone without feeling lonely. There will be time for writing, inner child meditation, contemplation and time alone to see the value of alone time, giving our selves space and time to rest in order to process, integrate and assimilate what we are learning.

 Yoga Flow. Learning how to use the body as a tool to open and see where you are blocked. How are you hindering flow and energy by your thoughts and feelings. How can we allow more of nature to flow through, and breathing the body open. Learning basic steps to see how also the mind is blocking us, and how this is reflected in the physical body. Allowing more feminine flow and radiance through our body, and seeing that growing up does not mean decay and death. We can instead choose vitality and life and will go through different practices to keep the body open and alive. 

 And more:

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Creative Feminine Expressions – surprise workshop

Pamper Workshop – a beautiful way to gather, get nurtured and be nourished. A time to receive.



3 pm Check in

4 pm Welcome & Introduction

6 pm Swim, Rest

7 pm Dinner


7.30 am: Flow Yoga

9 am: Breakfast

11.00 am:  Devi Class

1.30 pm Lunch

3 pm: Devi Sharing Circle

 7 pm: Dinner

 8.30 pm: Introduction to Altar, Puja & Ritual


7.00 am: Puja & Guided Meditation

8.00 am: Flow Yoga

9.00 am: Breakfast

10.30 am:  Devi Class

1.30 pm Lunch

3 pm: Pampering Workshop

7 pm: Dinner

8.30 pm: Guided Meditation & Sauna


7.00 am: Puja & Guided Meditation

8.00 am: Flow Yoga

9.00 am: Breakfast

10.30 am:  Devi Class

1.30 pm Lunch

3 pm: Creative Feminine Expression – surprise

7 pm: Dinner

8.30 pm: Devi Evening – Sacred Dance


7.00 am: Puja & Guided Meditation

8.00 am: Yoga

9.00 am: Breakfast

10.30 am:  Devi Class

1.30 pm Lunch

 3 pm: Devi Circle in nature (if weather allows)  – Yin & Restorative Yoga

 7 pm: Dinner

 8.30 pm: Devi Circle


7.00 am: Puja & Guided Meditation

8.00 am: Yoga

9.00 am: Breakfast

10.30 am:  Final Ceremony

1.30 pm Lunch



sharada 3


Devi Class, Devi Sharing Circles, Mantras, Ritual, Vedic Teaching & Practices, Sacred Dance

Sharada is the main teacher who has been dedicated to study the sacred teachings of Vedanta and Yoga Shastra for many years. She is originally from Switzerland, living in Ubud, Bali since 9 years in a spiritual community. Sharada has studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Mediation, Puja and Chanting with her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda. She has been blessed to pass on the teachings of Vedanta and the beautiful devotional practices that help one to grow emotionally and spiritually. She has a special love and passion for mantra chanting, rituals and the sacred feminine. Her background in Odissi Dance shines through in her Devi Classes and Circles.  Devi Circles are sacred gatherings for women, she has shared the teachings and devotional practices, which have been very meaningful to her and many other Women. She has been holding circles in Bali and Europe and inspired women from all backgrounds. For more information see, Be Woman Project:, Soundcloud: shaaradaa


Pia Meliane 

Yoga Flow, creative expressions and pamper workshops

Pia has her backround from Vedanta, yoga and meditation. She runs a retreat center called Mariagarden where she guides people trough transformational life changing work. She also has her backound in nutrition and detox. Pia also runs a holistic beauty clinic in Oslo where she has specialized in spa, natural, organic skin and beauty treatments. For more information see


Ananya Anna

Guest Yoga Teacher for the Weekend, Yin & Restorative Yoga

Anna Sunesson is a dedicated yogini who met yoga and meditation in India 17 years ago, and vedanta in Bali 10 years ago. Today she is sharing yoga in Sweden and Bali. She loves sharing yoga in a soft and intuitive way, that guides us both into our heart to see what’s going on there and the power in meeting yourself as you are, here and now. And to guide into our core with it´s potential to direction and inner strength in life. During the weekend she will share yin/restorative classes that will support our journey into the divine feminine. Read about Anna here (webiste in Swedish)

The cost for this retreat is:

Full Retreat 5900kr, Early Bird 5600kr (before 12th May)

Weekend only  2500kr, Early Bird 2300kr (before 12th May)

Cost includes accommodation, all food, transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).

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Event Details

Date: July 4, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - July 9, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
Time: 3:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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