Open Floor Movement Practice with Jonas Klingberg and Body Moves

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13 Oct

Open Floor Movement Practice with Jonas Klingberg and Body Moves

October 13 @ 3:00 pm - October 15 @ 2:00 pm

OPEN FLOOR MOVEMENT PRACTICE with Jonas Klingberg and Body Moves

13TH-15ST OCTOBER 2017
PRICE: TBC (including VAT, food and accommodation)

“An exploration of the process from longing to action and reality. A 6-month course in Open Floor movement practice with Jonas Klingberg.”

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 This is a course for you who has curiosity, courage, discipline, love, vulnerability, longing, dedication to exploring something personal that you long for which has not yet taken shape.


This is a 6-month course for those who want to immerse yourself in Open Floors (OF) basic principles for a long time. This along with a personal desire and focus on something in your life that you want to realize and take shape. What is Open Floor? Open Floor is a variety of movement principles and dance tools that consist of physical, emotional and cognitive ancestors, positions expressed and examined physically through motion in order to train presence and self-knowledge about ourselves, our relationships, life and our personal theme that we want to realize.

The common and overall theme of the in-depth group is the exploration of the process of realizing an idea, a longing for action, creation and realization. The purpose of this is to activate your inspiration and glow to motivation and commitment both in the course of events as seen, but also between the weekends where most of what you explore comes to training, action and integration.  

Together we raised awareness and resources, opportunities and potential challenges. We highlight areas such as Dignity, gratitude, doubt, self-criticism, focus, intention, self-esteem, shame, self-esteem, community and vulnerability.

Using Open Floor’s operating principles, tools and anchors, we calibrate our thoughts, feelings and actions in a clear direction. We let the body’s intrinsic intelligence and wisdom show the way through various creative bodywork and imaginative dance and movement exercises.

We also use meditation, writing exercises, touch, sharing, questions, vision charts and breathing exercises, etc.

During the course we take part of each other’s support, reflections, friendship, witnesses, networks and skills to get different valuable perspectives on our process. The road is the goal! Whatever your outcome or outcome, it’s your inner work that is in focus. The training in cultivating trust and faith in the obvious power of realizing what you long for. Welcome on this exploring dance trip together, to let your dream create your reality.

“What we give energy and attention to growing” is an expression that you probably already heard, but what does it mean to you, in your life, your dreams and the desire to create and shape what you want? What do you give energy and attention to in your life? (This in turn may raise questions like 🙂 Every creation, idea or dream, longing begins from within and is (under the surface) (in one) at the beginning invisible. An inner work and cultivation of an idea, dream or longing, like a seed under the ground. How do I care and nourish (when) this seed so it begins to germinate, root, grow and blow into reality’s flower?





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Jonas Klingberg

I have had courses in health, wellness, dance and movement, personal exploration and massage for 25 years. The dance’s magic medicine is what I love most. I am educated 5Rytm® teacher by Gabrielle Roth and Moving Center School in the United States, in both Waves 2004 and Heartbeat 2009. I live in Stockholm where I offer regular classes. I also have workshops, in-depth courses and retreats around Sweden and abroad.

I am also educated Behavioral Witness with Health Care Education and Public Health, founder of the Body Movement Coach ™ training, initiator of the Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival, and run a complementary alternative center in Örebro.

The cost for this retreat is:



Cost includes food, shared accommodation and transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).

Event Details

Date: October 13 @ 3:00 pm - October 15 @ 2:00 pm
Time: 3:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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