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11 Jul


July 11, 2017 @ 4:00 pm - July 15, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

with Panda Chi
11th – 15th JULY 2017
PRICE: (Teacher fee: 350 Euro) / (Food and accommodation: 2400kr )

 Receive the ‘Master Key’ that unlocks; health, wealth & all our potential in all areas of our life! This is an invitation to experience the unfathomable mystery the Ancient Sages & Masters have pointed to, which cannot be held by words or grasped by mind. The intangible force that binds all living things into the oneness called creation.­“This is not a technique” ­ for all techniques can be lost or forgotten & not practiced. “Our soul is eternal which can never be lost or learned.”

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“PATH OF TAO is a unique system to experience the Presence of Being – a state within yourself filled with peace, love & contentment.”



This course is dedicated to spiritual awakening, Soul-realization. Through the conscious, awakened state of presence, which I received from my spiritual teachers, the free state of no-mind was revealed to me.

I now share this free state of ‘being’ through my work, which is ‘transmitted’ through vibration in conjunction with a threefold physical practice that also purifies and harmonizes the body, mind with spirit. In this free state beyond the mind the experiential experience of one’s truest inner nature arises: The presence and power of ‘being’.

The philosophies of Advaita and Taoism are an integral part of the work and are applied in association with all the exercises.
The Inter-active sharing of deeper issues related to Truth, sometimes referred, as ‘Satsang’ is an essential element throughout the work. The participant thus receives and takes away with them more than just a technical technique or exercise but a more profound and deeper experience & understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world we all live in.

ADVAITA – The Philosophy Of Non-Dualism
To realize the Soul (Atman), The Absolute (Brahman) that dwells in all beings, sometimes referred to as: God, The Truth, Buddha, etc.

The essential question: “Who am I?”
To find the answer to this question we need to be quiet and still and discern what is real from what is un-real. Imagine our minds being like a lake. On a calm day we can see the reflection of our face perfectly reflected in the still water. Say for instance a speedboat crosses that lake. The water then becomes disturbed and the image of our face becomes distorted or even disappears because of the waves and ripples that run through it. It’s the same with our minds when the mind is disturbed and full of thoughts we cannot experience the stillness of the lake that reflects the true reality. By being in the direct presence of stillness and peace we can then recognize that stillness and peace within ourselves, which is the ‘Truth’ because what is more honest and truthful than silence itself? When we truly experience our ‘Soul’ in it’s essence, the veil of duality is removed from the one who experiences and the experience itself. We then realize we are not separate from Creator, Creation or anything else that in fact we are ‘The Eternal Spirit’ that resides in the heart of all living beings.

TAOISM The philosophy of nature embodied in peace, simplicity, humility and love.
The real Tao cannot be talked about, named or given a form, yet it is expressed in all things named and all forms given. Tao is peace and stillness but it is also the source of all activity. Never ending in its manifestations it operates everything. Returning to itself, it seems to do nothing. When we return back to our original nature ‘The Source’ we are following ‘The Way.’ There is The Way of Man, which is ambition and desires: by every passing day we acquire more and more, filling ourselves. Then there is The Way of Tao, which is returning back to Source the un-manifest: by every passing day we become less and less, emptying ourselves. Returning to that, which is nameless and natural without labels or forms…Freedom!

“We are our best lover, so be soft, tender and loving to ourselves”- Panda


“There is no effort in being joyful, but great effort in being miserable”- Panda



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Panda Chi

Panda, from Chinese descent, was born in 1958, Vancouver Canada. From the age of 12 he began practicing the art and philosophy of Tai Chi. By incorporating Tai Chi’s main principle of non-resistance and following one’s true nature he was slowly brought to all his spiritual teachers who gave him the profound experience of his innermost being…Soul-Realization. With a background of more than 40 years in the fields of Eastern Therapeutic Therapies and Self-Realization arts he has combined his personal awakenings and trainings to create a unique work that leads to transformation and Soul-Realization. He has taught for more than 26 years. He is also the author of two books and his instructional DVD, “Self-Realization Through Movement.”

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The price for this course is:
Teacher fee: 350 Euro (please bring Euro for this ammount)
Food and accommodation: 2400kr 

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Date: July 11, 2017 @ 4:00 pm - July 15, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
Time: 4:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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