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20 Sep

FREEMOVE YOGA RETREAT with Angelica & Jojo

September 20 @ 3:00 pm - September 23 @ 3:00 pm

with Angelica & Jojo
20th-23th September 2018
PRICE: Thursday to Sunday 5700kr (including VAT., food and accommodation)

Friday to Sunday 4800kr (including VAT., food and accommodation)

“Dance your yoga from inner stillness to exploratory movement and let your movement be your meditation and liberation”

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“Come with us at this restful and magical time with yoga, freemove, meditation, sharing and workshops in a fantastic environment. Everything is One, and you are part of it! ♥


Freemove is a concept that combines conscious dance, dynamic meditation and yoga in a playful, exploratory and present way. It is based on the idea that your body knows exactly what it needs and what is best for it if you are given the chance to listen, feel and explore in a safe and secure context.

We focus on being in the presence when we flow and explore through our free movement and the yoga asanas give us a chance to land deeper into our beings. We work with different themes during the workshops and along with yoga and dance we also invite dynamic meditation and shaking meditation. The shaking gives you a chance to literally “shake off” what no longer serves you and you will be given insight into who you are right here right now and where you are heading.

You will experience the feeling of freedom in different forms and you are safely guided through all feeds. The purpose of the retreat is to raise your inner potential and increase your body awareness which together gives you a stronger sense of self, power and insight into who you are and what you want and get you more present in the moment.

No previous knowledge needed before you join, come with an open heart and open mind.

Earlier participants have described their experience with words like:


We will also leave space during the retreat for you to relax into the beautiful and healing surroundings of Shambala.

We´ll invite you to moments of silence and we´ll invite you for silent walks in the forest and silent sittings by the lake in between our processing workshops. Also we´ll enjoy delicious healthy vegetarian food and drinks.



16.00 Arrival & check in. Relax and make yourself feel at home

18.45 Dinner

20.00 Sauna


8.45 Breakfast

10.30 Silent forest walk around the lake

13.15 Lunch

17.00 Welcome meeting, practical information

18.45 Dinner together

20.00 Opening ceremony and Freemove Yoga evening class

22.00 Sauna, relax time


07.00 Morning Yoga class with meditation & pranayama

8.45 Breakfast and time on your own for relaxing in the nature

10.30 Freemove Yoga workshop with movement, meditations and yoga

12.30 Sharing

13.15 Lunch 

Time on your own for integrating, relaxing & being in the nature. 

16.30 Embodied Yoga Principles, EYP. 

18.45 Dinner

20.30 Evening class Meditation & Inquiry

22.00 Sauna, relax time


07.00 Meditation

08.45 Breakfast and time on your own for relaxing & be in the nature

10.30 Freemove workshop with movement, meditations and yoga 

12.30 Sharing and closing ceremony

13.15 Lunch

15.00 Check out time



Angelica Nanda Schäfer & JOjo

Angelica Nanda Schäfer is the creator of the Freemove concept. She has been teaching on full time basis for the last 15 years and she runs her own yoga studio in Sweden. With passion for movement and fascination over different ways to still the mind she likes to explore the language between body and mind and she invites you to be creative and playful on the floor. ”It´s all about finding the freedom within”.

Her background has roots in physical strength and flexibility training and she has for many years worked as lic.personal trainer and lic. fitness group training instructor. 12 years ago she took the step to explore deeper the world of yoga and pilates through teacher trainings and from that time on all of her classes invites to a holistic approach to movement and life. After longer stays in India living the ashram life and finding inspirational teachers to study with she has for the last 4 years also been teaching yoga and freemove in Thailand and India during wintertime and holds space for retreats both in Sweden and abroad (Thailand and Sri Lanka).

Always a student she last year also became a certified teacher in Embodied Yoga Principles, EYP. She is one of the main organizers of the international Stockholm Yoga and Dance festival and Ängsbackas Yoga and Dance Easter festival. She is also an Ayurvedic health counselor, masseuse in both classic swedish massage and thai/yoga massage and is an initiated Osho sannyasin.

JOjo Norell is a yoga instructor and has for many years had meditation, yoga and running as a big part of his life. Founded Running Yoga 2009 and has a love for running marathons where the running is far, slow and with a feeling of being able to go on forever.

He dj´s in this retreat and has been a dj for the past 30 years. Having a deep interest in the potentiality of the benefits of yoga in your life of the mat he has recently started a path in Embodied Yoga Principles. He is also one of the main organizers of Stockholm Yoga & Dance festival and Ängsbackas Yoga and Dance Easter festival and is an initiated Osho sannyasin.

The cost of this retreat is:

5700kr (full retreat Thursday to Sunday) 

4800kr (Friday to Sunday)

Early bird discount: 500kr (before 31th July)

This price includes vat, tuition,
meals and accommodation.

Difficulties to pay? Please contact us for volunteering options and solutions

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Event Details

Date: September 20 @ 3:00 pm - September 23 @ 3:00 pm
Time: 3:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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