EXPLORATION OF EMBODIMENT with Dani Hickey & Aaron Mccullough

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05 Sep

EXPLORATION OF EMBODIMENT with Dani Hickey & Aaron Mccullough

September 5 @ 4:00 pm - September 10 @ 3:00 pm


Yoga + Nature Immersion with Osteopathy

  with Dani Hickey & Aaron Mccullough

5th – 10th September 2018
PRICE: £795 / 9000kr (including VAT, food and accommodation)

“Explore the experience of being more fully embodied through yoga practice and osteopathic treatment, and the increased inner awareness this combination provides” 


“It is a rare and beautiful opportunity to take time away from our often busy and hectic day-to-day lives. This retreat is for those looking for some quiet time in the serenity of nature with the space to delve into an exploration of your embodiment through nourishing yoga practices and osteopathy.”


Join myself and my partner Aaron for 5 days in the heart of the Swedish forest for this late summer retreat. This will be an opportunity to delve into the experience of combining movement, breath and meditative practices with individualised osteopathic treatment. This combination provides greater inner awareness and deep balancing of the nervous system, creating a steady and clear foundation from which to interact with life. We will provide the space for you to deepen your relationship to yourself, enjoy time hiking in the surrounding forests, swimming in the pristine lake, connecting in community, and sharing delicious and wholesome food – all at your leisure.

It will be my third time returning to Shambala Gatherings and it will be an honour to share this place with you. We can’t wait to guide you during this time of exploration and restoration.


With 5 days to immerse yourself in nature and deep dive into your yoga practice, an undeniable shift is bound to be felt. What makes this retreat so unique, however, is that we will be offering you one-to one biomechanical analysis through an osteopathic lens. This will address the mechanical balance in your body allowing you to refine your yoga practice to a greater degree and build on postural awareness. Aaron and I will merge our understandings to offer workshops together on the ways in which the yoga practice and osteopathic understandings of the body intersect, and offer practices to support balance and harmony.

The yoga programming is formed of two classes a day, which will include:

  •      Explorative and creative vinyasa practices
  •      Contemplative movement & qi gong
  •      Meditation and self inquiry
  •      Pranayama with essential oils
  •      Restorative yoga & self-massage techniques
  •      Asana Labs – an opportunity to ask your questions, unpack the postures + get curious about alignment based principles  

This is an open level retreat that accommodates practitioners of all levels with lots of options and space for modifications as well as progressions during asana classes.  


  •      5 nights accommodation       
  •      *Group transit from and to the airport by taxi
  •       3 meals per full day, dinner on the day of arrival, breakfast on the day of departure     
  •      All yoga programming with Dani
  •      Yoga mats, blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets
  •      One-to-one osteopathic treatment with Aaron
  •      Full use of facilities: 2 saunas, library with internet, tipi, fire pit, floating tank, canoe
  •      Herbal teas available all day


  •      Flights to/from ‘Vastaras Stockholm’ airport  
  •      Rental of bedding and towels – 150 Swedish Krona for the stay
  •      Additional treatments booked through Shambala
  •      Personal excursions (Nearby spa:

* Group transit inclusive of the price is dependant on the group travelling together to/from Vastaras airport at the same time.



16.00  Check in    

16.30  Welcome circle/yoga    

19.00  Dinner


7.00 Lake swim (optional)

7.30  Vinyasa practice  

9.00 Breakfast   

10.00-13.00 Osteopathy/free time   

13.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00 Osteopathy/free time    

17.00  Workshop   

19.00 Dinner (after dinner activities include sauna, firepit, lake dipping, kirtan)


7.30 Vinyasa practice   

9.00 Breakfast   

12.00 Taxi pickup for airport



Dani Hickey

Swimming with the tide has taken Dani onto this path which continues to gently guide her back to herself. She is a compassionate teacher, who uses her intuitive nature and sensitivity to truly see her students and clients.

Her classes masterfully blend therapeutic and functional movement with delicious and seamless flows, encouraging a sense of curiousity and grace. Dani believes that everyone deserves to feel a sense of wellbeing and inner radiance, so she creates personalised sequences for clients who are working with injuries or conditions, or prefer the 1:1 learning environment, and has seen some truly incredible outcomes with the healing power of yoga. 

Yoga, to Dani, is about connection. Connection to ourselves, to others, to our environment. It may take place initially on a sticky mat, but in her experience it is not seperate from how we embody ourselves at all times, as well as within our relationships to each other and to the Earth. 

She is deeply passionate about sharing all she has learnt and continues to learn from her teachers and is forever a student herself. Dani’s teachings integrate the ancient wisdoms of yoga and other healing arts while encouraging self-dicovery with an open heart and soft eyes. 


Aaron Mccullough

Aaron studied at the European school of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent graduating with an honours degree and diploma in Osteopathy and has also completed a further two years training in paediatric osteopathy specialising in the treatment of babies and children, as well as adults. Aaron has a keen interest in the treatment of sports injuries  completing many postgraduate courses in this field and regularly works with a range of international athletes.

Aaron worked in the south of England and Dublin before returning to Northern Ireland to practice. He believes strongly in the holistic benefits that Osteopathy can bring to the patient getting to the root cause of the problem and tailoring the treatment to the individual patients needs.

The cost for this retreat is:
£795 / 9000 kr

Cost includes food, shared accommodation and transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).

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Event Details

Date: September 5 @ 4:00 pm - September 10 @ 3:00 pm
Time: 4:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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