AWAKENING TO ONENESS with Ellie Ramsby and Talitha Gamaroff

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02 May

AWAKENING TO ONENESS with Ellie Ramsby and Talitha Gamaroff

May 2 @ 4:00 pm - May 6 @ 4:00 pm


with Ellie Ramsby and Talitha Gamaroff 
2nd-6th May 2018
PRICE:  £650 / 7000 kr (including VAT., yoga programme, food and accommodation)

“Immerse, enrich and expand: Yoga, meditation and creativity within a magical Swedish forest.” (8)

“Join us on a journey of discovery and creativity, where yoga and meditation is the vehicle through which to expand your awareness physically, mentally and spiritually. “


Immerse, enrich and expand within a magical Swedish forest

Hosted by Ellie Ramsby and Talitha Gamaroff


Join us on a journey of discovery and creativity, where yoga and meditation is the vehicle through which to expand your awareness physically, mentally and spiritually.


This is not a typical yoga retreat but rather a complete and enriching inquiry where each session and each day is a complete experience in itself, and where the process as a whole awakens us to a long lasting and blissful oneness of being.


  • Immerse

. . . in the experience of creative yoga practice and healing meditation surrounded by peaceful forest.

  • Enrich

. . . the senses through wild nature, rejuvenating bodywork, uplifting music and mantra, delicious food inspired by the Ayurvedic health tradition and essential oils.

  • Expand

. . . the very essence of the heart through self enquiry and philosophy while growing more into who you already are: blissful oneness of being in community with others.


Alongside the sessions will be practices of silence, mindfulness and experiences of togetherness so that we cultivate courage and joy through companionship.


From previous student:

“A fantastic guidance and journey through body and soul beyond description. A strong and meaningful stepping stone in my life. I will always carry this with me.”


Regarding the accommodation:

The center has twins, triples and quadruple rooms available. All beds are priced equally. They allocate bookings on a first come first serve basis. If available, they will gladly allocate you on a single room for an extra 350kr fee per person per night.



. . . 2.5 hr hatha yoga and meditation with Ellie


. . . Collaborative seminars in philosophy, integrative creative practices and self-inquiry with Ellie


. . . Restorative relaxation, yin yoga, essential oils and healing sound with Talitha

Check in 4 pm

Check out 3 pm


Eleonora Ramsby 

Eleonora is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK

and an accredited Yoga Teacher Training director – developing and running 200-hour YTT in both London and Stockholm. Eleonora is also dedicated to integrating yoga into communities beyond the walls of studios. She has directed and collaborated on projects with London Contemporary Dance School; The Big Creative Academy; Solace Women’s Aid and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to name a few.

Hatha in foundation, her classes are slow-paced and incorporate the depth and breadth of technical and anatomical training, with attention on the breath being a vehicle whereby students are encouraged towards a steady focus on the internal experiences that unfold throughout the practice. Through her BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, she brings creativity and understanding of movement to her classes. This creativity, and a discipline in precision of detail, informs the personal development and self-inquiry work that is woven into her teaching. This preceded a Masters from the Institute of Education University College of London (UCL), where she gained extensive knowledge on non-authoritarian teaching and autonomous learning methods which has informed her teaching practice in how to hold space for students with focused compassion, she is especially passionate about the teachings and theories of Vygotsky and Rogers and their emphasis on student centred learning.

Eleonora continues this depth of study through a recently commenced PhD at The Department of Education, Society and Practice at the Institute of Education UCL, where she hopes to bridge the gap between academia and non-academic environments and approaches with the aim to make yoga more accessible. Her doctoral research will focus on how yoga and dance influence the well-being of women in Swedish prisons.

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Talitha Gamaroff

Talitha is a hatha yoga teacher who explores and celebrates interconnectivity in all things, in a large part inspired by her childhood in the diverse nature and culture of South Africa. This instinctively delivered her to the path of yoga and spiritual healing to which she now deeply commitment. Her style draws from a variety experiences and teachings having travelled and practised extensively, and she is especially passionate in the creativity and abundance of vibrational healing – be it sound, essential oils, singing, movement or human connection.

The cost for this retreat is:

£650 / 7000 kr

The price includes all of the classes, 3 meals a day and accommodation in shared room and transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).

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