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23 Jul


July 23 @ 3:00 pm - July 29 @ 3:00 pm

with Jonas Freeman

24-29th July 2018
PRICE:  7800 kr  (including VAT., food and accommodation)

“Are you ready to dive into your core purpose?

Are you amazed by the power of nature to bring both inner peace and energy?

Be prepared to experience this power yourself in an innovative conscious startup camp.”


“This Five-day Retreat in nature is focused on the creation of solid and sustainable foundations for conscious businesses.  During the camp, you’ll see the organic growth that comes for a business when ideas and actions are drawn from the balance of nature, both within and around you.”


Are you a conscious startuper? Maybe a spirited entrepreneur, coach, health food specialist, yoga teacher, therapist, freelancer or inventor who wants to build your business?

Do you have something great to share, but don’t want to and want to work with like minded entrepreneurs to explore how best to get it out there?

Do you want more clarity around your start up strategy and a conscious foundation for your endeavour?

If so, then the Art of Startup Camp is designed especially for you.

One of the most healing and energizing things we can do for ourselves is to spend time in nature. Science shows how nature brings our nervous systems into the Theta range, the optimal frequency for body and mind. Simply by being in natural surroundings, we tap into an inner fund of energy, clarity, peace, and motivation. In this state, we can bring efficiency, brilliance, and insight to anything we set our minds to.

Within this natural setting and energized by the elements, the Art of Startup Camp provides you the perfect environment for creating a foundation for your growing Conscious Business. This foundation will make it possible for you to provide something immensely valuable to humanity. You will notice how things that troubled us before, like how to market or find our audience, become fun details instead of insurmountable obstacles. The Camp offers processes to bring clarity into your unique way of navigating a Conscious Business, processes inspired by the growth of nature itself.


What is the course about?

Forget mainstream business courses. In the Art of Startup Camp, we approach business in a new and more conscious way.

These five days together will promote inner wisdom and clarity for everyone involved. You will gain access to collective years of experience, knowledge, and resources necessary for a startup, but this is only the beginning. Together with the facilitator, we create an empowering co-creative space where insight can come from anyone in the group.

The new approach to business is joyful, meaningful, and even effortless. Together, we will explore the infinite possibilities and crystalize our unique gifts. We first come to a clear understanding of our resources, values, and intentions. Next, we use this clarity to form concrete strategies and practical working plans. We support one another in finding our unique offering and creating and navigating a conscious business which reflects this offering.


Here is what the Art of Startup Camp offers:

– You will have the support and time to create a new brand strategy, a strategy shaped by your inner goals, your soul’s purpose, and created within the context of a thriving ecosystem.

– You are the leader, the one who holds the vision and who is the most essential source of the business. Any transformation in the leader will translate into the business itself, especially in the startup phase. We focus on offering you the transformative resources that will help the business you create to be in full alignment with your ideals and intentions.

– This process will provide you an opportunity to cultivate and support your unique offering and style of leadership. It will provide everything you need to bring your service or product forth, to enrich humanity by offering something valuable and meaningful.

– You will join our international network, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who support one another in creating and expanding effortless, heart-based Conscious Business. This network offers inspiration and practical experience from successful owners of unconventional and innovative businesses.

In this Camp, we first open wide to explore values, resources, and personal meaning, and then narrow down to core essentials and practical plans for growing your Conscious Business You’ll find these modules, among others, combined in a funnel-process taking us step by step through the process of identifying gifts and values, clearing blockages, crystallizing your brand, and forming a strategy which reflects and harmonizes with your unique offering.

–          Your unique gift to the world

–          Soul Fingerprint reading

–          Detox from “old business”

–          ReBoot the concepts of “Success” and “Money”

–          How to create a movement instead of doing marketing

–          The Leadershift – the new leadership

–          Brand strategy from the heart

–          Authentic and efficient market communication

–          Surprise day

–          Inspirational videos

There are also specific modules added for each unique Facilitator, niche of Camp, and local facilities, included to offer you the highest value with each retreat.



The goal of the Art of Startup Camp is to help you to package your resources and establish the direction of your unique conscious business. We emphasize a constructive and practical approach, helping you to establish clear, tangible strategies to move from an idea into a concrete business structure with a solid foundation. You will be offered support and space to formulate your offering into a clear brand strategy, a strategy that comes from the heart and that is in alignment with your soul’s journey.

Just as your business and offering is unique, each person will have unique perspectives and get unique results. We tailor our facilitation to the needs of the attendees, and each attendee brings their own experience, gifts, and insight into the camp. What results is a collaboration, a blend of the offerings of all participants and facilitators. Each participant will walk out of the retreat with a solid, actionable plan for growing their business.  At the same time, you will receive so much more. To top it off, you’ll have continuous access to the global Conscious Business Community, a network of supportive individuals who can help you navigate every step of your startup.

“Conscious Business is really a part of evolution. The new way of doing business is up for definition and we are doing it right now in this Conscious Business Community it feels like. It really feels like evolution happens through us after being at this Camp.”
– Estela Kun, Founder Freedom Summit and Freedom X Fest


The Camp was the best business investment I have made – even before opening a business! I believe the future paradigm of business is all about the journey instead of rushing towards the destination, and the camp really represented that! All the elements of the Camp were truly integrated. The overall value exceeded all my expectations!”
– Helen Light, Feminine leadership coach Coach, Sweden



07.00 yoga/meditation & sharing

08.30 breakfast

09.30 Workshops (including breaks)

13.00 pm Lunch

14.00 Workshops (including breaks)

16.30 Free time

17.30 Inspiration/events (depending on local arrangements)

19.00 Dinner

21.00 Free time/sleep


“I would certainly recommend it to others! I was initially hesitant about giving up four whole beautiful Bali days to attend and wondering if the Camp would even tell me anything new. However, I found an amazing and supportive group of people as well as two skilled facilitators who managed to create an ideal balance of relaxation and creativity with productivity. I had fun and made lasting friends, but I also gained some really constructive insights that will help me move forward in following my calling in life. It also helped to crystallise for me some of the things that I already knew or felt, but didn’t realise how important they were to my business.”
– Jo Richie, Business owner and coach

“I felt how this camp had improved my life in many aspects. I could more clearly see my role in this world, connect with myself on a deeper level and then connect it with practical ideas regarding my business. A few months after the camp I completely changed my business and started doing what my heart wanted me to do. So thank you, I’m truly grateful. Now I truly believe the concept of conscious business is something that will become the new way of doing business and I deeply recommend others to take one week out of your busy schedule and join this camp. You will not regret it.” – Emil Huremovic digital entrepreneur and cryptocurrency educator, Sweden



Jonas Freeman

Jonas is both an experienced and inspiring startup coach and one of the co-founders of the Conscious Business Community. Jonas is a Mindfulness coach, brand strategist, and entrepreneur who works to support Conscious Businesses from many different angles. He is the co-author of the bestselling book “Freedom by design”. He is also a skilled facilitator of transformative processes and has coached the Swedish management groups of Scandinavia’s biggest chain of gyms.

Like many of us, Jonas worked in mainstream business for years before breaking away to create something new. He now gives Conscious Business talks and workshops worldwide, helping a global audience to “Turn Work into Yoga”. Jonas has been a positive catalyst in numerous companies during their startup, helping business plans to become sustainable, thriving businesses. Most recently, he has assisted the founders of Alchemy Academy and the Ming Herbs to establish a thriving conscious business based in passion and integrity. Jonas is also the co-author of the bestselling book “Freedom by Design”. He has developed a profound yet simple method to liberate ourselves from “old business” models and create a successful business aligned with our soul’s purpose.

I am very excited to facilitate this Art of Startup Camp in the energizing and wild nature of my home land. My experience has shown me that it’s in the startup phase that we need most support. The quality of this support can make a huge difference in both the results and how much we enjoy them.” Jonas Freeman

“I have experienced profound shifts in how I view business, money, conscious co-creation and MYSELF in relation to all of it. Having this beautiful combination of a Soul fingerprint reading and Conscious business coaching I feel well equipped to enter back into the “business world”. I better understand what my natural gifts can provide and feel hopeful about applying this wisdom to my conscious projects. To allow the journey to be effortless and in perfect alignment with my energetic, emotional and financial needs. I have gained insights into my “true calling” and feel the support of our motivational group, and of course our two loving, gracious, encouraging and focused facilitators.” – Belinda Wehner, Professional Surf Coach/entrepreneur, Australia

The cost for this retreat is:
7800 kr for a shared room

6950kr for a tent/camping accomodation

Early bird gift until the 25th June free Conscious Business Coaching session (value €150) before the Camp

Cost includes accommodation, all food, transfer to and from train station at Skinnskatteberg (5 mins away).


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