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The growing large international family that yearly makes the volunteer community at Shambala is one of the most enjoyable parts of our project.  For us at Shambala the path of Karma Yoga, or the path of selfless service is a path of self-development in and of itself.

In a world where egotistic desires are the order of the day, the path of karma yoga or selfless action can act as a beautiful medicine that softens the sharp edges of the ego, reduces the illusion of separation and opens our hearts to connect deeply and empathically with others. Being a karma yogi at Shambala is an opportunity to discover the fulfillment in serving others, to shift the focus of attention to that of bringing happiness to others.

For us, to take this step with honesty is an act of magic in today’s world. The karma yoga group at Shambala is considered to be the lung of the center, co-creators of a beautiful, safe and inspiring field.

Being a karma yogi can be one of the most transforming experiences of your life. To connect with a group with the heart purpose of bringing happiness and joy to others is an unparalleled experience that is bound to bring you insights throughout the rest of your life. Being a karma yogi can be as easy as child play at times and at other times it may be more challenging. Because of this we are specially welcoming those that have a relative emotional balance, physical stamina and overall health. 

Fasten your seatbelt, take a deep breath and prepare yourself to make friends for life and have an unforgettable experience with us.


Family, friends, yogis and yoginis – it is time to form the community of 2017 at Shambala Gatherings!

Shambala is a small, beautiful centre with the biggest heart possible. Even though we hold courses throughout the entire year, the community at Shambala only resides at the centre during the summers. There are about 15 of us at the same time creating what is the Shambala Community.

During the short but gorgeous summer months we are mostly fully booked and host up to about 50 guests and teachers at a time. Therefore we need your help to run these retreats smoothly!

Shambala divides its community between core staff, full-time and part-time volunteers.

The core staff fulfils roles such as management, kitchen leadership and administration, they are remunerated financially and they typically have longer working hours and higher responsibilities than the volunteer team. Currently only the Kitchen Leader position is available within the Core staff team. Please read below.

Then there is our wonderful and colourful team of volunteers. The tasks of the volunteers vary, although it is mainly helping the kitchen leader in the kitchen by cooking and washing up. Also by keeping the place beautiful for our guests as well as greeting them with care and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There are plenty of odd tasks as well like going shopping, picking up and dropping off guests at the nearby train station, taking care of the garden, firing up the sauna and maintaining the buildings.

For full-time volunteers, we ask for about 30 hours/week of volunteering, one day is completely off.
For part-time volunteers, we ask for about 15 hours/week of volunteering, one day is completely off.

What we offer:

*Delicious vegan food and accommodation.
*Access to at least one yoga class per day.
*Enjoying being part of an international community of yogis that are committed to awakening and growth.
*Talks and lectures on community living, open communication and the path of yoga.
*Organised gatherings with the community to the forest, spa and other outings.
*1 day off per week


All volunteers will stay in a wooden country house with two rooms:
a 7-bed dorm and a chilling-out lounge. It is comfortable, quiet and away from the crowd with its own wifi access.  Toilets and showers are shared with guests in a separate building.

Shambala Values:

Please note that Shambala is a peaceful space of conscious relating. There are no late nights and no parties. We have many music evenings but there is a silent period between 22h at night and 9h in the morning. Breakfasts are had in silence. There is a no-tolerance policy towards alcohol, smoking or any other form of drugs.

Grace period:

Sometime life happens, or things don’t work out as we wish. That’s how it is, so we have a grace period of ten days for both volunteers and Shambala to test each other out.

Being a full-time volunteer at Shambala is free of charge.

For part-time volunteers, the daily fee is of 300kr per person per day. 


Kitchen Leader (partly paid):

The kitchen leader position is the only Core Staff position available at Shambala this summer.
All other positions are on a non-paid volunteer basis.

We are looking for someone who is willing to stay for the entire summer season, who is well experienced in cooking for large groups, who loves communicating with kindness and clearly and who considers him/herself a group leader. This position is perfect for those that have a high stamina as it requires long sessions standing up and adaptation to a highly dynamic environment. If you love to multitask, you can’t get enough of cooking and you love being with people, this is a great opportunity for you!
You will be part of turning the Shambala Food Philosophy into action, you will be leading and training a group of food affictionados and you will be attending to the inventory. A high vibe, fun, joyful opportunity to be at the heart of Shambala: our kitchen.
For more information, please email us for more information.

Volunteer Leader:
We are looking for a sociable enthusiast to lead our community of volunteers during the last 3,5 weeks of the summer season. This role is ideal for those that love being part of a team and who are not afraid of taking the lead in a group. During the first ten days you will be receiveing a training from the current volunteer leader. During these days you will be given tools to organise morning meetings, weekly schedules and weekly sharing circles. In addition, you will be asked to coordinate movie nights, walks in the forrest or just genuine time chilling and socialising with our team. Not a bad job at all!

Full time Kitchen Assistants:

This year we have two openings for full time kitchen assistants also known as kitchen superstars.  These two will share the main responsibilities for the meals, always under the supervision of the kitchen leader. We have a weekly menu that we follow, a menu that has been tested and refined thoroughly – and has been turned into our first Community Cook Book.  The volunteers that cover these spots are expected to be mostly in the kitchen during their days learning the Shambala way, getting an all-round good knowledge of how to run a kitchen with joy and fun!  This is perfect for those that are experienced in cooking for large groups and can’t get enough of preparing yummy food for people!

Handy Man & Gardener:

We are looking for one person, that wishes to stay the whole summer season who is good at and likes to maintain the buildings, painting, doing small carpentering jobs, arranging wood for the sauna, taking care of the composts etc.  There is also a need for someone to keep the overview of our small garden and do some maintenance work on it. Perfect if you like being outdoors, manage your own time and like your own space.

General volunteer team members:
The main tasks are helping out  with cooking and washing up in the kitchen. Also cleaning and beautifying the space. There will be some gardening work too. We also look for people who might have an eye for beauty to help us decorate and beautify the space. We specially look for people who can and enjoy cooking, although they rather mix their tasks with other jobs.

We prefer it if you:

*Wish to be part of a conscious community, have an interest towards yoga and meditation, already have a spiritual journey or path of self-growth or you are interested on starting one.
*Wish to explore the path of Karma Yoga, the path of selfless service, see the beauty in helping out so that the people who come here for retreats get the best possible experience.
*Are ok with buzzing around in the realm of service – we live in simple small quarters, and share this space with each other and the teachers/retreaters, and we do ask our volunteers to apply to this mind set.
*Are prepared to join a community with others beings, to grow and learn together, to be part of all sharings of talks/documentaries/classes on different spiritual and personal growth topics that are offered by our team.


To apply please send us an email to, describing your background and field of interests as well as which of the following positions you are applying for:

* Kitchen Leader position
*  Full time kitchen staff

* Handy Man & Gardener
* General Volunteer Member
* Volunteer Leader

In the case of the Kitchen Leader an the Handy Man & Gardener, we ask you to please commit to staying the entire three month slot with us starting 19th of May and ending 1st of September 2017.

In the case of the volunteer leader, we ask you to come for the following period:
6th August to the 1st September.

For the other two roles, please apply to one of the following time slots:

* TIME SLOT #1:  19th May to 29th June 2017
* TIME SLOT # 2:  26th June to 10th August 2017
* TIME SLOT # 3:  7th August to 1st September 2017

There is a possibility to apply for more than one time-slot, however please note that we prefer it if you can stay until the end of the slot. If you need to leave earlier, we will gladly put you on a waiting list until a space becomes available.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at Shambala!!!


Welcome to join Shambala Gatherings, a yoga community in the Swedish forest.
Living a life of fullness with the ones called to explore themselves through yoga, meditation, nature and self-knowledge.