2018 Teacher Terms & Conditions

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2018 Teacher Terms & Conditions

Shambala is an intimate yoga retreat centre in the Swedish forrest and since 2005 we have been hosting events in the fields of yoga, meditation, bodywork, teacher trainings, healing, festivals and music gatherings as well as hosting talks on the topics of personal growth, psychology and spirituality. Our facilities are simple but comfortable and welcoming. The location is one of abundant nature and lush forrests. We love serving our retreats with joy and with a heart-felt attitude. In hosting your retreat at Shambala you will form part of what is our community, hence the feeling is of co-operation and co-creation, mutual support and open communication. We love supporting teachers that share this ideology with us.

Please read our 2018 Terms and Conditions below and contact us
should you need more information.
Thank you

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Our Seasons

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Shambala SUMMER
Shambala AUTUMN
Shambala SPRING

Shambala is not only a summer love affair.  Our facilities are available all throughout the year. From the new flower buds, to the midnight sun, to the red forests and the snowy pines, each season is a dreamland.

From 1st o May to 30th of September we aim at having parallel retreats unless otherwise negotiated with the teacher.
During the winter months from 1st of October to 30th of April, all retreats book the whole space without sharing.

(for more information on our seasons, please click here)


Shakti Hall (large yoga sala)

– Capacity: 33 yoga mats / 45 meditation spaces

– During parallel retreats we allocate a maximum of 25 beds for the Shakti Hall including teachers.
More bookings are welcome on a tenting basis.

– Size: 100sqm

– This shala is dedicated to groups of 15 + bookings

– Props available: 20 yoga matts, 25 yoga belts, 20 yoga blocks, 20 meditation cushions, 2o bolsters, 20 blankets.


Budha Hall (small yoga sala)

-Capacity: 15 yoga mats / 25 meditation spaces

-During parallel retreats we allocate a maximum of 15 beds for the Budha Hall including teachers.
More bookings are welcome on a tenting basis. 

-Size: 50 sqm.

– This shala is dedicated to groups of less than 15  bookings.

– Props available: 15 yoga matts, 15 yoga belts, 15 yoga blocks, 20 meditation cushions, 15 bolsters, 15 blankets, 6 hanging belts.


** Other than the props listed above for each yoga shala, we  also have available for you a large screen TV and 8 massage tables. Please let us know in advance if you will be needing these.


We have the following accommodation options. All rooms have shared bathroom and showers (divided into male and female). Our prices are per person per night and allocations are made on a first come first serve basis. 

– 9 x twin bedrooms
– 5 x triple bedrooms
– 1 x 4-bed room
– 1 x separate hut (double bed) – only during the summer
– 1 x separate hut (twin bed) – only during the summer

Total Summers:  41 beds.
Total Winters: 37 beds

* Note that separate huts are usually used as teacher accommodation. When possible we offer single room accommodation depending on space. But please note that this cannot be guaranteed and sometimes teachers will need to share.

Other than this we have a large tenting space.


Other than our rooms and sepparate huts, we have the common areas available for guests and teachers:

– Library
– Dining Room
– Electric Sauna (capacity 15 people)
– Floating Lake Sauna (capacity 15 people)
– Open deck
– Garden
– Kitchen (when booked without catering)
– Tipi (summer only)
– Fire pit
– Sweatlodge structure (summer only. capacity 15 people)


Sauna Availability:

We offer one wood (floating) sauna per day, normally in the evenings. If you need an extra sauna, we are happy to put the electrical sauna once per day without extra charge. Please inform us of this in advance.

If you are a teacher that is booking our space without catering, please note that there will be enough wood
by the floating sauna for one use per day. In the non-catering option, teachers will need to light the fire themselves. 


Our kitchen is vegan, gluten free and mainly organic. For more information on our kitchen, please click (here).

Even though our kitchen is vegan and gluten free, please note that we serve oats for breakfast (may contain traces of gluten). During the summer only we also serve dairy products (cheese, butter, etc.) on the side for those that are not strictly vegan. Gluten free options are given at breakfast with raw buckwheat porridge.

For guests with severe allergies, we are happy to provide one type of meal consisting of boiled rice and simply cooked vegetables. Please inform us of any allergies 2 weeks in advance.

We wish to keep our centre as a coffee free zone. Therefore, no fresh coffee will be served, unless otherwise negotiated with the teacher.  We are happy to provide a jar of instant coffee if you wish upon request.


We serve 3 meals per day. Teas are served all day. We are happy to provide healthy snack options at either periods of early morning (before breakfast), midday or afternoon fika for an extra cost of 50kr per person per day. 

Our meal serving times are:

9am: breakfast
1.30pm: lunch
7pm: dinner

Please keep this in mind when planning your retreat. You may also wish to consider leaving a period of 3 hours break between lunch and your next class in order for guests to enjoy some of our treatments without stress. For information on our treatments, please click (here).




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During the summers we are offering Full Body Oil Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and Floating Tank. Please visit our treatment page (here) for more information.
There is a surcharge of 100kr (per treatment) for teachers using the treatment room during the summer.

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All year round we offer support to our teachers by dealing with customer queries, taking bookings, chasing payments as well as promoting via our website, Facebook profile, Instagram and newsletter. Still a large percentage of the bookings come directly from the promotional efforts of the teacher, but our efforts still make a difference in terms of bookings. We are happy to provide this admin + marketing package for only 2500kr per retreat ( please read below).

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During the summers, we offer beautiful kirtan sessions (Yoga group chants).
These are musical evenings that uplift the soul.
Let us know in advance if you wish to have this service any evening during your retreat free of charge.
For more information regarding kirtan, please read (here).


Please find our price list below. Our prices are for food and accommodation and include vat. Please note that marketing and admin are charged at an extra cost. The price are for three abundant buffet meals per day. Should you require some extra snacks during the day, we will happily provide them for an extra 50kr per person per day.  If you need to lengthen your retreat and include one extra main meal, please note that it will be charged at:

– Extra breakfast: 100kr extra per person in the summers / 150kr per person in the winter months
– Extra lunch or dinner: 150kr per person in the summers/ 200kr  per person in the winter months

(from 1st of June until 31st of August)

During the high season we aim at having parallel retreats unless otherwise negotiated with the teacher.
All prices include food, accommodation and pick up from the train and bus station.

With catering:
Beds: 700kr per person per night incl vat.
Tents: 550kr per person per night incl vat.
Single room extra charge: 350kr per person per night incl vat.

Breakdown of prices:
Breakfast buffet (value of 100kr)
Lunch buffer (value of 150kr)
Dinner buffer (value of 150kr)
Bed price: 300kr 

Without catering:
Not possible during the summer.


(from 1st of September until 31st of May)

During this season we aim at having single retreats served by our team of caterers. Therefore you can expect to have access to the entire centre.
The minimum occupancy is of ten paying guests. Should you only have 9 bookings, the tenth guest will still need to be paid for. During winters the caterer is happy to pick guests up from the station (5 mins drive) for a donation of 50kr per person.

With Catering:
Beds: 800kr per person per night

Tents: Not possible

Single room extra charge:
350kr per person per night incl vat (parallel retreats)
free of charge (single retreats)

Breakdown of prices:
Breakfast buffet (value of 100kr)
Lunch buffer (value of 150kr)
Dinner buffer (value of 150kr)
Bed price: 400kr

Without catering:
(Access to the entire centre)

Weekends: 13.000kr incl vat.
3 days: 17.500kr incl vat.
Week (6 nights): 29.500kr incl vat.

Please ask for our calculations if you wish to stay for less or longer without catering.


We are more than happy to support your marketing campaign
through our promotional venues:

* Event page on our website
* Event on our Facebook Calendar (+5000 followers)
* 3 times re-post of your event on our FB wall
* 1 post of your event on our Instagram account (+2500 followers)
* 2 times mention on our monthly newsletter ( +3000 mail list)
* Event on ( 17% commission is shared with the teacher).

The Marketing Package fee is 1100kr per retreat.

We will bill this amount at the end of your retreat.
Unless otherwise specified, we will add this service to your contract with us.


We will gladly take care of the administration of your retreat
through the following services:

* All online and phone customer queries
* Bookings
* Taking payments and issuing receipts

The admin fee is 1500kr per retreat.
We will bill this amount at the end of your retreat.

Unless otherwise specified, we will add this service to your contract with us.


1-15 paying guests = 1 teacher free
16-25 paying guests = 2 teachers free
26-35 paying guests = 3 teachers free

Otherwise, any other member of the team is charged half board.
There is a maximum of 2 members of staff paying half board.
All others will need to pay full board.

Free teachers are welcome to stay one extra night before or after each retreat at no extra cost.
Any stay beyond that will be charged at the normal full price.
Please notify us regarding this ahead of time.
This is not applicable to half-board teachers.


0-6 years old – free
7-14 years old – 350kr
14-18 years old – 550k


Booking with us is easy.

Upon receipt of your booking via email and finding the dates most suitable to you, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 5.000kr to secure your booking.  Then we will send you the “Contract of Agreement” for your specific retreat.
If you have booked the “Marketing Package”, we will then move forward with promoting you throughout our website and social media channels.

Cancellation: The deposit of 5.000 kr will be returned if the booking is cancelled more  than 5 months in advance.
In the winters, teachers are expected to share the final amount of participants 5 days before the start of the retreat.

After that, any cancellations made will be charged the full amount and an invoice will be sent to the teacher.

Communication: In order to ensure the flow of our communication and efficacy of our services, we ask teachers to confirm the contract of agreement within a maximum period of ten days. If no answer is given within this time slot we will attempt to give the negotiated dates to another teacher.

** If at any time we stop receiving communication from the teacher for a maximum period of 3 weeks, we will consider those dates free to allocate another teacher. 

Minimum numbers: During both summer and winter months, our minimum required number is of 10 bookings.
Should you have less bookings, we can still go ahead with your retreat, so long as the minimum of 10 is paid.

Preliminary Booking: In rare and special circumstances, we offer a preliminary booking:

preliminary booking is a booking in which Shambala makes a concession for a teacher in special circumstances where the deposit cannot be paid or minimum numbers guaranteed and in spite of this Shambala feels inspired to support their work in high season.  As an exchange to this concession, the teacher understands that if another bigger and more secure group requests those same dates, a decision might be made to either cancel or postpone the booking to another date. If however the retreat reaches the minimum of 6 bookings 3 months before the start of the retreat, the preliminary booking will then turn into a secure booking where cancellations will not be made by Shambala. “



All payments are taken either via Swish, cash or bank transfer.
This applies to both teachers and guests.

Please see below the different payment alternatives we have for you:

Option # 1: Teacher collects all payments from guests.
(Available for all teachers)

Shambala invoices the teachers for the full amount corresponding to food and accommodation 1 or 2 days after the retreat ends. The invoice will need to be paid within a maximum of 5 working days.

Option # 2: Shambala collects payment from guests for food and accommodation only.
This payment will be done either by Swish or cash on arrival and receipts will be given to clients upon payment.
(Available for all teachers)

* 2 (a) : Teachers take their payment in advance into their account as a form of deposit.
* 2 (b) : Shambala greets guests at reception and takes payment for the teachers part, but teachers provide their own receipts to each student afterwards.

Option # 3:  Shambala receives payment for both food and accommodation and the teacher fee.
(Available for teachers with Swedish companies only)

After the retreat, the teacher issues an invoice to Shambala to receive payment.


Usually, no deposit is required for a guest to make a booking with us.

If you have chosen payment options # 2 or 3 , upon each booking made via us, guests will receive the following disclaimer:

“Thank you for booking. This email guarantees your place at this retreat and confirms your commitment to attending.  Should you need to cancel, please ensure you communicate this  to us with more than one month notice.  Otherwise, the following charges will apply:

1 month to 7 days notice – 30% of the total cost of the retreat
7 days to 3 days notice – 50% of the total cost of the retreat
Less than 3 days notice – Full ammount of the cost of the retreat.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.
We thank you for your understanding”.

*Note: This disclaimer should discourage guests to cancel last minute.
As we don’t take deposits, we cannot guarantee this cancellation fee will be respected by the guests. Shambala does not take responsibility for the refusal of this payment. We encourage teachers as much as possible to take deposits from each guest.


Our team is made mostly entirely by volunteers. One way in which we honor their help is by offering the possibility to participate in courses during their spare time.
For this reason, in order to host an event at Shambala Gatherings, it is a requirement to open at least one class per day to the community (volunteer team). You can expect a maximum of 4-5 volunteers in each open class.
For more information on our community, please read (here)

During the winter, if you as a teacher have somebody that wants to join the retreat but don’t have the funds, then that person is very welcome to contact our caterer via email to see if volunteering might be an option. Volunteering means working around 5 hours per day in exchange for food and board and to be able to take part in the retreat and your open classes in their free time.


– Check-in & Check-out Times:
(Unless otherwise specified on the initial negotiation)

Check-in: 4pm
Check-out: 3pm

– Note that we don’t take responsibility for the arrangement of the forward travel of any of the guests or teschers after their retreats.

– During the winter months (Oct to April included), please note that you will need to self-cater if you as a teacher or one of your guests decides to arrive earlier than the start of the retreat or stay after the retreat ends. Earlier arrival or later departure needs to be agreed in advance.

– We don’t provide laundry services unless your retreat is 10 days in duration or more.

– Unfortunately our printer is not available for public use.  We ask you to please print all manuals and hand outs before your arrival

– We offer pick up from the bus and train station in Skinnskatteberg (only 5mins drive from the centre) free of charge during the summers and at a 50kr surcharge per person during the winter and is to be given to the driver upon arrival. Alternatively, the teacher is welcome to organized rides with the local taxi company: +46 222 100 40.

– In order to complete the intense task of organising our schedule smoothly, we kindly ask you to answer emails within a maximum of ten days. In the case that we don’t hear from you during this period we might feel obliged to give your space to another teacher.  Thank you for your understanding.

*In addition, we offer pick up from the bus and train station in Skinnskatteberg (only 5mins drive from the centre) free of charge during the summers and at a 50kr surcharge per person during the winter.


We define a conscious business, one in which its leaders are aware of the impact of their actions on others. It sees itself as part of a large eco-system that must be nourished and cared for. It challenges the hegemony of finantial profit as the driving force and instead seeks to benefit both human beings and the environment. Conscious businesses rely on the power of community and awareness to achive its goals. It seeks not competition but cocreation, not rivalry but cooperation, not infinite growth but organic sustainance.  Its leaders walk this balancing act with an interest in their own spiritual growth, humility, empathy and love.


We are looking for leaders, teachers, mentors and guides that are willing to walk the delicate path of conscious coocreation with us. We gladly support teachings from all spiritual traditions and paths of personal growth. We specially welcome those that see this relationship not just a as a business opportunity, but also as a chance to connect with the core values of Shambala: those of mutual respect, honor and joy.

Ready to co-create magic with us? We would love to hear from you.
Contact us for more information including prices and our Terms & Conditions.
We are in high demand throughout the entire year, please ensure you contact us way in advance.
Thank you.


“I often say that working at Shambala Gatherings is like working inside a singing bowl.  It has been the perfect venue for Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance for coming up to 4 years now, and is a place that has become a home and base to our work and its development.  Spiderflower is extremely sensitive energetically, so it is ultra important for us to find a venue where our specific needs are met.  We were in need of a venue with professional standards but without a commercial feel, more intimate but with enough room for our guests. All of this Shambala Gatherings provides to a point of it being over and above any expectations we initially held.  But what is outstanding about Shambala Gatherings is the spirit of the place, and the level of care given not only to the venue in practical terms, but throughout the whole process.  The energy is so, so clear, deeply heart centred and the intent with which Shambala Gatherings is held is so beautiful it has become a massively important part of Spiderflower’s work and life.  We have found nothing like it elsewhere.  We love you all dearly, and with so many thanks.”
Rowan Jaqueline, teacher The Flower Drum

Please click here for more testimonials


Welcome to join Shambala Gatherings, a yoga community in the Swedish forest.
Living a life of fullness with the ones called to explore themselves through yoga, meditation, nature and self-knowledge.